Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Eggs & Content Marketing

Every time I write a headline like Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Eggs & Content Marketing I receive an email or two from people who ask me how I manage to connect things that aren’t related to each other.

And every time I respond I ask them if the connection made sense or if it made them scratch their heads. Thus far I am pleased to say the positive responses outweigh the negative. Heck if you converted it into a batting average I would be the first guy since Ted Williams to bat more than .400 for the season.

I always like getting those emails because it means someone was engaged and interested in what I wrote and that is a central part of a content marketers job.

But before we get too deep into things I need to tell you I really dislike the term content marketing because it sounds like marketing gibberish. I prefer something simpler, like story telling because that is really what we are doing. We are figuring out what questions our prospective and current customers have about our products/services and using stories to provide the answers.

How Do We Engage & Retain Readers?

Smart writers make a point to ask and answer that question every time they post because if you are not engaging and entertaining you are throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks.

That is not as big a time waster as it sounds because in a dynamic and noisy environment like the blogosphere you need to be willing to shake things up. You need to test things to see what works but you need to have some benchmarks in place. You need to be able to measure what works and what doesn’t so you can adjust your methods.

I am a big fan of YouTube because it is an exceptionally useful tool. It is a huge search engine you can use to find videos that help you answer the questions we talked about and provide entertaining content.

Since my kids love to cook and enjoy watching cooking shows I thought it might be interesting to see what sorts of Gordon Ramsay videos are online and that is what led me to this post.

Gordon Ramsay is a professional chef with name recognition. I figured it might be interesting to see how a pro makes perfect eggs and thought that using his name in the headline might pull in some readers who might have headed to other parts.

If it works the way I want it to the kids and I will have fun cooking together and those aforementioned new readers will bookmark/subscribe the blog because they will see this place as being entertaining and useful.

Smart curation of content can really go a long way.

What do you think?


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