68 Reasons Why Chicago Pizza Is Awful & Cleveland Bagels Are Terrible

Humpback Whales Feeding 1
Every time I see this picture I stop and stare and imagine what it must be like to be near a humpback whale feeding frenzy.

Animal Planet says a humpback whale can weigh up to 48 tons and be somewhere between 40-50 feet in length. Just think about how big that is and consider the sheer power it takes to propel a creature that big through the water, let alone out of it.

I have seen them breach and it is spectacular. It never gets old to watch and every time I see it be in person, in pictures on television I come up with a million questions, thoughts and ideas.

You might think it is silly, but there was a time where I wondered if there would be a way to harness the energy the whales generated. I thought it might be an interesting and safe substitute for oil.

I wasn’t a child when I came up with the idea either, I was in my thirties. Granted it might not be practical, simple or possible but the point wasn’t to focus solely upon what we could do.

There was a time when space travel was impossible, when planes were fiction and no one would have believed that tin cans and string would turn into smartphones that could text.

68 Reasons Why Chicago Pizza Is Awful & Cleveland Bagels Are Terrible

Some of you will read those words and wonder why I pick on the Midwest, especially since I can’t walk through it without running into family members and friends.

The answer is I am really not picking on it now. There won’t be cracks about rivers that have spontaneous combustion issues or pizzas that make manhole covers feel light.

It is just linkbait. It is just me stretching my writing muscles and trying to make sure that I break through the clutter and there is quite a bit of it.

Ya know this thing we call the Internet is filled with lots of shiny things, all sorts of nifty bells and whistles and if you don’t work really hard you lose people very quickly.

They point and click their way to the next shiny thing so I am doing my best to make sure you don’t go looking for another electronic monkey and organ grinder.

The Importance Of Creativity

Do you remember reading 29 Ways To Stay Creative Plus Some Other Stuff? It is a post with a video that lists ways to stay creative as well as my top five ways to enhance your creativity:

  1. Take risks.
  2. Don’t fear failure.
  3. Don’t fear looking foolish.
  4. Don’t over think.
  5. Follow Yoda’s advice, “do or do not.”

Creativity is something that is important to me and not just because I make my living as a writer/marketer. Creativity is one of the tools we’ll use to solve major issues.

It is what we’ll use to develop new technology, to figure out ways to heal people and probably what will help create successful diplomatic efforts.

Anyway I recently learned about an app called Coffitivity that is supposed to enhance our creativity. I have been using it for a couple of days now and it feels like it is working, at least I think it is.

Truth is I am not entirely certain but I have a very active imagination to begin with and  since I didn’t have any benchmarks to use I can’t provide you with more than “I like it.”

But sometimes that is enough, that feeling of “it works” is all you need.

I am not affiliated with Coffitivity nor have they offered me millions of dollars to write this so take my review for what it is worth. Better yet ask me why I haven’t explained what the app is or why it works and when you do I’ll tell you they haven’t paid me millions of dollars.

Hell they haven’t even bought me dinner yet.

Chicago Is Awful & Cleveland Is Terrible

Want to know why I just included the subhead above? It is because Yoast tells me to.


Yoast is my SEO plugin and if I use it correctly it is supposed to help with Search Engine Optimization, ya know that magical thing people refer to as SEO.

My buddy Mr. Yoast wants to make sure there are more green ‘Yes’ than red ‘Nos’ so I do what I can to make that happen.

Good SEO brings more traffic to your blog/website. In theory if you do a really good job you don’t have to write headlines about the Midwest that make some people want to hit you in the hand with an enormous black purse.

I try to write for people. I try to provide valuable content that readers want to know about because that brings them to the blog and keeps them coming back.

But every now and then I like to mix up the two, I figure it can’t hurt.

Sometimes you have to just release the Kraken and see what happens.

Speaking of the Kraken I wonder what a real battle between the Kraken and a whale would look like. I wonder what it would be like to see a Blue Whale in person.

A Blue Whale could be double the size of those Humpbacks. They have tongues that weigh as much as an elephant and hearts as big as a car. Maybe it would be smarter to try to figure out how to use Blue Whales to generate energy.

National Geographic says that Blue Whales have lifespans that are similar to humans and that they discovered one that was 110 years old.

Not to be crude, but imagine what it takes for a couple of Blue Whales to reproduce. Creatures that big might cause enough motion in the ocean to create a wave that you can’t ignore.

Wonder if we could harness that energy….

Might be a silly idea but you never know what silly idea might change the world…

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