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My Facebook feed tends to be filled with a plethora of headlines that are similar to the one I used above. Certain colleagues of mine assure me the only way to get people to actually click on a post is to use something similar.

I am not a big fan of that. It reminds me of the little boy who cried wolf.

Sooner or later you destroy the trust people have in you and they stop paying attention/responding to those headlines.

The ‘Importance of Analytics’

One of the things I try to do around here is a periodic analysis of what posts are the most popular. I base that upon the amount of traffic that is generated from them.

Since this blog isn’t designed to be solely about one topic I don’t have to focus on trying to make sure that it is ranked for one thing. It doesn’t have to be the best business, marketing or parenting blog.

Fact is it can rank for any or all of them but what I want to figure out is where the sweet spot is now. I want to know which of my posts generate the biggest response so that I can gain a better sense of if there is a particular topic that people like best.

Today there is a broad focus but I may decide that a niche works better for me which is why I grabbed the 15 posts below.

Those links are a representative sample of the most highly trafficked posts here.

  1. One Thing I Wish Every Blog Had
  2. A Knife In The Back
  3. How Many Magazines Do You Read?
  4. Death and Facebook
  5. How I Increased My Productivity By 100 Percent!
  6. When I Die
  7. Your Blog Is Killing Your Love For Writing
  8. Once We Were Kings
  9. How Much Does 50 Tons of Bagels Weigh?
  10. Some Styles Are Eternal- Long Live The ’80s
  11. How To Write a Speech For Your Son’s Bar Mitzvah
  12. Sometimes Heroes Fall
  13. There Are Places I Remember
  14. Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid
  15. Job Titles Are Not Impressive

The 5 Minute Analysis

The five minute analysis shows  the current style is working and that people respond well to the broad spectrum of topics that show up here.

So does that mean we don’t need to make any changes?

The answer to that is it depends on whether there is interest in growing the readership here because if the answer is yes than I need to focus on steps to continue to optimize for SEO and to improve the marketing efforts.

I have some ideas about how to do that but we’ll save those for a different post.

If you have th0ughts or comments to share please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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