What Is the Best Layout For Your Blog?

What Is the Best Layout For Your Blog?

It is a question I ask with great regularity. I look at the themes I have and try to determine which ones provide me with the best tools and most effective ways to communicate with you.

Which theme makes it easiest to read not only on the computer but on mobile devices. Responsive design is helpful for making sure that we have a uniform experience on all devices but I don’t just rely upon that.

I like to try and figure out who is reading the blog and to do some tests to make sure that what we are producing here is designed to make it easy for as many people as possible.

A Clean Look and Easy On The Eyes

Part of what I struggle with is trying to produce a clean look that is clutter free, with larger images and a text size that is easy to read for both young and older eyes.

In the midst of it all I think about widgets and how to use them to try and obtain more subscribers to the blog, more followers on Facebook and more people adding me to their circles on Google Plus, not to mention Twitter.

Does that sound like a lot to you?

It does to me so I wonder if it is spreading me too thin or if it is smart because I am communicating with my readers on their favorite platforms.

Change Is Easy

The good news about changing the layout and adding or subtracting widgets is that it is very simple. You can point and click your way into a new look and design with little to no effort.

The hardest part of it is trying to figure out what works and then giving yourself time to see if whatever you set up does. When it is so easy to change it can be hard not to spend more time than you need tinkering, but it is important not to.

Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.

What do you think?

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