Swimming Upstream Is More Rewarding

Shark in South Africa

I am not supposed to tell you about why the shark in the picture is screaming because it would violate three tenets of being a Danger Man and I don’t want to embarrass him.

But if you insist I suppose you ought to know that I punched that sucker in the nose and it made him cry. I am not really sure why he was such a baby about it because I used my left and did it while scuba diving.

That had to take some of the edge off of it.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t use my right, it is far too powerful and I didn’t want to be written up for killing a protected species.

Ask me what made me think about this and I’ll tell you it is because I made an appearance at an event.

I haven’t followed the mysterious benefactor real closely or ever tried to grab a piece of that pie but when someone posted that tweet on Facebook it caught my eye because it was close to where I was.

So I finished the summer camp drop off and made the 10 minute drive over thinking that maybe because I was so close I might get there before chaos erupted.

I was wrong.

The Treasure Hunter

Ask me to list some of my dream jobs and I am sure treasure hunter is on there but it is probably further down the list now than it was when I was 12.

But when you hear about free cash and you know that it is not a complete scam and you are practically next to it you show up because why not give it a shot.

And then you watch people lose their minds and after three cars almost broadside you because they aren’t watching where they are going. Being a determined sort of fellow and one who has a sturdy disposition I weaved my way into a parking space and proceeded to head in the same direction as the general masses still figuring I might see how it was all going.

A lady pushing a stroller with two kids and an older woman smacked into me three times and never bothered to acknowledge my presence or say excuse me.

Two teens tried to make sure I had matching sets of bruises by slamming into my other side and I decided I wasn’t interested in showing them how to properly box out and or tackle others so I left.

My competitive spirit was engaged and I didn’t want to give up so easily but I didn’t want to fight over a couple of bucks and that is what it felt like to me.

A fight.

Mind you a man who has entertained becoming the next Dread Pirate Roberts doesn’t fear a fight but he also understands the benefits of picking and choosing his battles.

Even though I could have moved through the people there like that shark moves through a school of fish it just didn’t make sense, not for a few hundred dollars or less.

Sometimes you have to be like the Gambler, ya know. Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em and know when to run.

Besides who wants to be like a shark that is a cry baby anyway.

You may say I passed on easy money but I say swimming upstream is more rewarding.

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