How To Become A Superhero

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

They say everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and I am no different which is why you see a magical bracelet upon my wrist.

With the powers granted from said bracelet I have no doubt that in no time I will have cleaned up the mean streets of cleveland, taken back the rough corners of Detroit and bestowed Wilner justice upon all who deserve it.

These powers were not given to me by Odin, Dr Strange, Stark Industries nor found alongside a red suit that would give me the ability to fly like the greatest American hero.

No, they were part of an ordinary purchase made by an average man with an above average imagination who used to make his mother smile by donning a cape and yelling, “I have got my power!”

Sadly I fear that what mom thought was cute forty years might not be considered such today. Granted I haven’t tested it out, but something tells me most people would be concerned if they saw me running down the street, cape flapping in the wind screaming ‘I have got my power!”

Although there is a chance that certain locations might yield a different response than others. I wonder what might happen if I did it at Universal Studios or on Hollywood Boulevard. Would people look for cameras? Would the police believe me if I said I was doing it for Jimmy Kimmel?

How To Become A Superhero

I confess I haven’t done any significant research into how to become a superhero but I did spend some time trying to figure out if there was a way to improve my physical fitness.

That research led to my acquisition of a FitBit Flex.

It is a device that is designed to help improve your physical fitness. It has a number of features that are supposed to help with this including tracking the amount of exercise and sleep you are receiving as well as calories consumed/burned.

I received mine earlier today, charged it and then put it on and in roughly 37 minutes or so here is what things look like:


And so it begins...

And so it begins…

That snapshot comes from taking the dog for a short walk and might I add if he didn’t insist on stopping to smell every bush along the way we would have more steps to report/show.

What I hope this will do is make me more mindful of how much I am really doing versus how much I think I am doing. I expect it to be a useful tool for pushing me to do more while eating less and that should help me fix things in the old waist size department.

I am tired of seeing pictures of what I used to look like and remembering how things used to be. Reminiscing is good for certain things and often quite enjoyable but I don’t take much pleasure in remembering the days when clothes fit more comfortably or when I didn’t have these mystery aches and pains.

Can’t say for certain that it will turn a 45 year-old man into someone 20 years younger but it will do a far better job of trying to make it happen than my prior method.

And that brings us to our question of the day, do you have a FitBit or similar device?

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