Help Inigo Montoya Defeat His Greatest Nemesis

Giving back feels good.

Giving back feels good.

My friend Oren Miller needs more than Inigo Montoya, the Man in Black and Fezzik to win the fight he is in now.

Oren was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer which sadly is a much crueler and more cunning enemy than the six fingered man.

We talked about a variety of ways to try and beat it. We thought dressing him up as the Dread Pirate Roberts and having him set sail for calmer waters but Oren is a father being separated from his family during this time is inconceivable.

So Oren is going to stay home and undergo his treatment where his friends and family will be close by and able to lend a hand when he needs it.

Why Am I Writing About Oren?

I am not writing about Oren because he started a Facebook group for Dad bloggers or because I have been reading his blog since 2007.

Those things are nice but they aren’t what motivates me to help. What motivates me is because Oren is a good guy and because as a father I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in his position.

I can’t imagine what it is like to have a significant health challenge that impacts my life so dramatically that I wonder if I am going to see my children grow up or to worry about what kind of impact my medical bills will have on my family.

If it were possible for me to lend my physical strength to help with the fight I would but this isn’t about moving furniture and it doesn’t matter whether I have a truck we can put his couch in.

But there are some things I can do and that is why I am writing this.

I am asking you to help Oren and his family by giving back. I am asking you to make a donation of any size to help his family. The fund is almost at $3o,000  but I hope that by the time you click through it is well pass that.

It Is Not Easy To Ask For Help

It is not easy to ask for help.

No one wants to feel like they can’t figure it out on their own. It is uncomfortable. It is awkward and the farther you reach outside of your circle the harder it gets.

What I have learned from experience is that we all will have a time when we need a hand and there will also be a time when we can lend a hand.

I am not going to tell you that you should lend a hand because of karma or try to sell you on it giving you any special credit with the universe.

But I am going to tell you that it feels good to help other people. I am going to tell you not to worry about how much and to give whatever is comfortable because whatever you add is going to help Oren’s family.

And that is a big part of what I want to do.

I can’t fight the cancer for him. I can’t treat him but I can help shoulder some of the load and help him and his wife worry a little bit less about something and that is worth it to me.

Trust me here if you can help please do so because you’ll feel good about becoming more than just a bystander.

And to Oren, well as always I wish you a רפואה שלמה.

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