This Is What Life Is Made Of

It’s lunch time and in between making a sandwich, reading the news and walking the dog I am lost in thought about how often we miss the moment because we are not present.

We all know life is busy and those of us with children sometimes longingly look back upon those times where we could focus solely upon ourselves and do nothing but work on fulfilling our own needs.

Sometimes we forget how busy we were during those times before the kids or even how busy we were during times when maybe we weren’t living with them.

But life doesn’t care whether you have kids or not. It doesn’t care if you are swamped at the office or fighting to find ways to stay busy. It happens and these moments happen, often when you don’t expect them.

Be Present

My goal is to do a better job of being present wherever I am at and to not spend my time hoping that the boring or hard moments end sooner than later because sometimes those are the ones that you wish you paid more attention to.

That is how I understand the video above. It is not just powerful because of the “big moments” it shows but because of all the “little” ones too, it is the collection that makes the difference.

People remember how you made them feel more than what you did to or for them.

That is something you can apply to both your personal and professional worlds. Make people feel wanted, warm and validated and they’ll want to spend money with you or be your friend.

Mistreat them, make them feel like a number or second class and they’ll go elsewhere.

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  1. KDillabough June 3, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I was with, and within, every moment. Thanks for this.

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