Choose Your Words With Care



Many of us were told as children that sticks and stones might break our bones but that words would never hurt us. It is a well intentioned lesson ignores the obvious truth that words can do more than just hurt you.

Words can break, batter, maim and destroy you.

It is different when you are a grownup and you share something about someone in the public arena. Sometimes the person you are speaking about is in a position where people have expectations about who they are and what kind of person they should be.

If we have learned anything during the age of reality television it is that we set impossible standards for our leaders to follow and when they demonstrate their humanity we shake our heads and wonder why they called the lightning down upon their heads.

We look at their misdeeds and declare they should have been smarter. They should have known better and then we lock the cell door, turn off the lights and move to the next bright and shiny object.

It is truly shameful behavior and we diminish ourselves with it.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw

If you should find yourself on the wrong side of those words and discover that all you once knew has changed you can choose to respond in a number of different ways.

Ask me for my gut response and I’ll probably direct you to the words of Mr. Shaw because in life we have limited control. We can save money for retirement and talk about what we want to do but there is no guarantee we will see those things materialize as we envision.

More often than not life will smack you in the head with a monkey wrench and then wait to see if you fall down or keep moving forward.

Many things can be taken from you but without catastrophic injury you won’t lose “you.” You’ll always be around and you’ll always have yourself to use as a canvas to paint, draw and or sculpt.

Look at the man/woman in the mirror and think about who you are and then picture who you want to become and then do it.

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