What Chore Do You Dislike The Most?

Wash Me

A reader asked me if I could provide them with a simple tip to try and generate more engagement on their blog. I suggested they ask a simple question that people could relate to and offered to try demonstrating how effective it can be by doing the same on my blog.

So today I am here to ask you to share which household chore you dislike the most.

I hate, er HATE doing the dishes and yes you can blame that on my parents. Won’t see me in therapy because of it but I can assure you that out of all of the chores I had to do growing up this is the one I tried to avoid like the plague.

Can’t tell you exactly why other than it felt like there was always an endless pile of dishes on the counter and sink and no matter what I did it felt like it took hours to finish.

Your Turn

What chore did/do you dislike the most? Share it in the comments.

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