15 Reasons Why The Internet Is Fickle- I Hope Buzzfeed Dies Soon


Many people/publishers/publications like to use the end of a quarter or the end of the year as a time to review their most popular posts, but I am not one of them.

It is not because I am a swim upstream or run against the wind kind of guy either. It is because when everyone is publishing their “best of” or “most popular” it is much easier to be lost in the noise.

It is worth noting that the 15 links below are considered to be the most popular posts here based solely upon traffic received and not upon the number of comments.

Comments are not currency and are often a questionable way of measuring the success/value/worth of a post.

You might also wonder why I didn’t use a standard headline to let people know this post contains a collection of the most popular posts. That is because of the echo chamber I mentioned earlier.

I don’t want this to be seen as a simple collection of links. Nor do I want my voice diluted by such an impression.

15 Reasons Why The Internet Is Fickle- I Hope Buzzfeed Dies Soon

The 15 posts below cover a variety of topics b0th business and personal. Since the Internet is not a person it might be unfair or inaccurate to use fickle as a descriptor.

It is not inaccurate to say I hope Buzzfeed dries up and goes away soon. I used to enjoy the site but as it evolved it lost me. Too many list posts based upon stereotypes and humor that just loses me. Someone told me that it is because I am stuffy which I found sort of funny because people have also described me as being insouciant, twisted and crazy.

Ultimately I don’t define myself by how others describe me so I don’t lose any sleep over any of it. If I did I suppose I could defenestrate the offender or force them to watch The Sound of Music either one of which would be in line with tactics used by medieval torturers.

Analytics and Marketers

There is merit in taking time to see what posts are most popular. As any good marketer know analytics are one of the tools we use to measure our success and progress.

A marketer who doesn’t use analytics is one who is going to be looking for work in the near future.

  1. Some Styles Are Eternal- Long Live The ’80s
  2. How To Write a Speech For Your Son’s Bar Mitzvah
  3. Why I Hate The Holiday Season
  4. Sometimes Heroes Fall
  5. There Are Places I Remember
  6. How Much Is An MBA Worth?
  7. Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid
  8. How Many Magazines Do You Read?
  9. How To Make More Money Blogging
  10. How Long Does It Take To Build A Community?
  11. Your “Captcha” Is Killing Your Comments
  12. Job Titles Are Not Impressive
  13. Why You Should Create A Google Plus Badge For Your Blog
  14. Where Should You Focus Your Attention- Analytics
  15. Once We Were Kings
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