Pinterest Isn’t Just For Recipes and Frilly Things

Joshua Wilner (thejoshuawilner) on Pinterest 2014-01-07 17-38-56That snapshot of my Pinterest profile won’t take you straight to boards about cars, sports and gadgets and that is ok because I am not trying to prove that men can be on Pinterest too.

Nah, this time around I am here to tell/remind you that you can use Pinterest as a resource for finding information about multiple topics.

Sometimes I like to use it to find tips and information about social media or other topics of interest. I do things differently on Pinterest than I might on Google.

Typically I try to identify people with similar interests who pin useful information and then I check in on them every so often. For example Carolyn runs the Wonder Of Tech.

I like her blog but I also like to check some of her boards because I find it to be a quick and easy way to locate useful and interesting information about Apps and tech.

Actually some of the other stuff she pins is pretty cool too but time constraints make it challenging to follow all of the boards I think are cool.

Pinterest For Writing

I am also a fan of using Pinterest as a resource for information and inspiration for writing. I’ll flip through the Quotes and Film/Music/Books and almost always find something that catches my eye.

When push comes to shove it is more likely to find me using Pinterest in the same way I use YouTube. I go diving into these places more often for educational purposes than for entertainment.

What about you?

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