Slideshare Isn’t Always All Powerful

Slideshare gets a lot of play for being a powerful tool and very useful resource and rightly so. I have found some tremendous information there and it has served as a nice feather in my cap.

But it is important to remember as a producer and consumer of content that you need to vet what you leave up because it can bite you.

The LinkedIn slideshow I embedded has some useful and interesting information in it but if you look at it from an outsider’s perspective some of those slides are almost useless without narration.

I can guess what the presenter was using them for but I can’t promise that I am coming away with the message they want me to and it is possible that because I am guessing I am coming away with a perspective they prefer I don’t have.

That is why you want to take a hard look at what you publish and leave lying around the net to being discovered because sometimes the best presentation doesn’t translate into other formats as well as you might like.


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