Could The Death Star Destroy The Earth?

If The Death Star Were Real, Could it Destroy Earth?

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Questions like this may seem silly and you might wonder why a blog that has more of a business focus would make this into a post.

It is a simple answer.

Because this sort of melding of pop culture and science is the kind of thing that that often leads to serious thought and conversation. Because it is not serious it makes it easier for those who might not otherwise comment to do so in a safer environment and that is worth quite a bit.

Some people will always be lurkers and will refuse to comment for a million different reasons but some don’t because they are concerned about looking foolish.

Talking about what the Death Star could do provides a way for them to come out from behind the keyboard and not feel like they have to provide something profound and insightful or so experience has often shown.

A Brief But Related Side Note

This past week I ran into not one, not two but three people who said they have never seen Star Wars in its entirety. It is not the first time it has happened nor will it be the last.

Always feels a bit odd to me, even though I really shouldn’t be surprised.

What about you? Have you seen Star Wars?

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