Do Pirates Have Deadlines?


It is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and I have one big, burning question: Do Pirates have deadlines?

Do they find themselves on shore staring out at the waves, anxiously waiting for the light to turn green so they can park their car and run to their ship?

Are they ever concerned the captain might dock their pay or worse yet, the ship might set sail without them?

Do pirates ever think of themselves as remote workers and/or do they think of their work/life balance?

Somehow I have a hard time picturing the Dread Pirate Roberts fretting over these things, it is likely inconceivable.

Pirates Need Downtime

If the movies and theme parks are any real guide than pirates do need downtime as do all workers but I suspect that the amount of downtime they need is probably related to the environment they work in and the way they are treated.

Of course they have issues with co-workers as would any other employee or team member. Except the difference probably lies in being armed with a cutlass and or pistol.

If you know that singing at your desk is upsetting your co-workers you might act differently if you are concerned about being forced to walk the plank or be stabbed.

What do you think?

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