Why Holidays Shouldn’t Impact Your Posting Schedule


I generally don’t go to bed until after midnight which is a good thing because the skies here in Texas have opened up and we’re experiencing the kind of thunder that makes the windows shake, dogs howl and children scream.

Trust me on this because I can hear all three happening all around me.

Holidays Shouldn’t Impact Your Posting Schedule

It is Labor Day weekend here in the states and that means that tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday and it is likely that quite a few of my readers are not going to be online because they are taking advantage of the holiday weekend.

Some people shut their blogs down on holidays because they are concerned about the drop-off in traffic but I don’t because it is a U.S. based holiday and my analytics shows that a large percentage of my readers visit the blog from outside the U.S.

What this means is that many of my regular readers are likely to show up here expecting to find new content but it also means there is a good chance to grab new readers as well because it is likely that many U.S. based bloggers are taking advantage of the holiday and will not be around tomorrow.

Bottom line: if the blog were only read by Americans I might consider shutting down for U.S. holidays but since the blog has international reach it seems like doing so would be ignoring opportunity.

Look For Opportunity

Every business I have ever been a part of has a discussion about the need to look for opportunity and to work smarter, not harder. Well sometimes you have to look hard and sometimes you open your eyes and see it standing there in front of you.

This is precisely what happens with holiday posting.

When you know your competitors aren’t going to be working and you are able to keep your doors open you can sometimes gain a competitive advantage.

This is part of why a good analytics package offers so much value. When you know where your readers come from, what time they show up, what they prefer to read and how long they spend visiting your site you give set yourself up to not only look for opportunity but to take advantage of it.

What do you think?

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