How To Deal With The Joy Of Jet Lag

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Two days ago I noticed that my post about Writer’s Block was generating an unusually high amount of traffic and discovered someone had linked to it on a message board about writing.

I took a moment to scroll through some of the comments and noticed many people agreed with me and then came across someone who criticized my writing and suggested I go back to school.

Normally criticism doesn’t bother me but this time I had to shake my head because his own was so very poor. I didn’t have time to reply so I made plans to do so later but I had to much to do to get ready for the trip out to Los Angeles.

And then I was going to do so today, but am just too jet lagged to do it.

The Joy Of Jet Lag

Technically I blame the joy of jet lag for being responsible for my feeling like a truck ran over me today but that is not entirely accurate. Four hours of sleep and jet lag are the guilty culprits.

And like any other good officer of the law I intend to take them into custody and deposit them in the nearest prison just as soon as I can make time for my afternoon siesta.

Yep, going to catch some much needed shut eye for at least twenty minutes but I have far too much work to do before then. Got a couple of deadlines to hit and some assorted odds and ends to cover as well.

Not to mention the usual complaint about wishing I had still had my 19 year-old metabolism, hairline and the ability to fly and or time travel. Hell, I might as well add super strength, Adamantium claws and a couple billion dollars too.

I don’t just aim for the stars or shoot for the moon, I am after the entire galaxy. I would have said universe but I didn’t want you to think I was greedy or unrealistic.

You Can’t Please Everyone- The Cure For Jet Lag

A former editor and  used to have an ongoing debate about how to write. They insisted we should always try to write posts/essays/articles/papers in a manner that would attract the greatest number of potential readers and I said that was great in concept but not in execution.

I understand their point and what they are trying to do but to me that approach leads to sterile copy that serves as a great cure for insomnia and jet lag.

There are so many distractions now that we can’t afford to write for the masses without adding some sort of twist or kick to it. You can’t please everyone and the net result may very well be that no one is happy.

Since you can’t be all things to all people you might as well be something to some people.

What do you think?

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