Quality Versus Quantity


This Could Have Been A Great Header.

More than a few experts like to stress the need to focus on quality over quantity. They’ll tell you that the worst thing you can do is publish a bad post and that doing so harms your brand.

I take a different approach which dictates that sometimes you publish the posts that you didn’t hit a home run with because they can still offer value.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive for quality or that it is not important but within the blogosphere if you don’t publish you will perish.

Multitasking Mistakes

Tonight I made the mistake of trying to multitask while working on creating a new header and design. Multitasking can be problematic, especially when you are doing things that you are not particularly good at.

I am not an expert blog designer or graphic artist. I blew up the blog two or three times while trying to make it look pretty and never managed to create  a new header worth a damn.

Frustration and aggravation were briefly the watchwords of the evening and I found myself sounding a lot like Terry in the clip below.

FYI, On The Waterfront has always been one of my favorite movies.

Frustration Makes You React & Not Act

Sometimes frustration makes you react and not act and for a brief while I felt a bit like I could have been a contendah. But I made a point to step away from the computer and watched 15 minutes of a movie about a 40 something year-old guy who goes back in time and gets to relive part of high school.

Ever notice how many movies are centered around that sort of theme? Ever notice how many pictures are made about someone getting the chance to go back in time and relive or redo part of their life?

Quite a few.

Call it a sign of a common feeling among people, frustration about how we could have been a contendah.

But that is not what I want for me. I am not going to be the guy who looks back upon his life and says I wish I would have done XYZ.

I am not going to let frustration dictate what I do or how I do it.

Act and not react is my theme.

But What About Quality Versus Quantity

Here is how the whole damn thing comes together.

I want to change the look of the blog but I didn’t want to spend cash to hire someone to do it so I tried to do it myself. It didn’t work out the way I wanted to so I found myself frustrated by this because I felt like I should be able to do this myself.

Posts like this do several things. They help to humanize the writer and make it easier for the reader to relate to and they still serve their purpose as valuable content.

And ultimately in a very crowded space if you don’t make a consistent effort to produce content you will be drowned out by the noise, chaos and clutter so one way or another you have to find a way to produce.

Comments, Community and Social Sharing

It is worth mentioning that it ties into why I switched back to Livefyre. It is all part of an ongoing effort to increase the comments, build community, enhance SEO and provide material for social sharing.

And now at almost 1 AM it is time to occupy my bed and get some much needed shut eye so that tomorrow I can take another crack at remodeling this joint.

In the interim I would love to hear what you think about all this.

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