The Difference Between Writing And Talking

This is not a brothel...

I am not sure the picture corresponds with this post, but I really like it. Something about it captured my attention and so I have shared it with you.

Have you ever thought about the differences between talking writing? Instead of typing this post I’m dictating it into the WordPress editor, care of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.

I hadn’t intended to purchase speech software, but it came as part of the package with my new laptop and so I decided it was worth learning how to use it.

Learning How To Use It

I can’t say that I’m an expert or even close to one, I think this is the third time that I used the software. But since I have it there is no reason not to use it and so here I am trying to learn on-the-fly.

It seems relatively easy to use and I’m confident that in time I will gain a measure of expertise. However there is a distinct difference in the rhythm of my writing that comes from composing out loud and not just typing.

There has to be something in the brain, in the way that we are wired that handles speech and text differently.

In some ways I find this cumbersome and I don’t want to continue because I so much slower this way, but if you don’t practice you don’t improve.

And since I have a pinched nerve in my neck I can see some benefits that will come from dictating as opposed to typing.

Multiple uses

In concept I can see several other uses for this software, but time will tell whether any of those are benefit to me.

I suspect some of it comes from whether I become more proficient at using the software.

Otherwise this will just become software that came with the computer and offers limited value. However I’m optimistic that we will find a way to avoid that particular hurdle.

Do you have any experience with dictation software?

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