Sometimes A Movie Is Just A Movie

How many stars are there in the sky.

How many stars are there in the sky.

Sometimes a movie is just a movie. It is not a parable or a metaphor for anything else, nor does it contain any hidden meanings.

It is just a moment in time in which you suspend disbelief and enjoy the show, or at least that is how I try to watch them.

I saw Man of Steel the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I admit that more than once I glanced to my right to look at my son’s face because I forgot he wasn’t with me.

Most of the time he would have been, these movies are one of our things. This year is a bit different, but that is ok because this is a temporary change.

Father’s Day Past and Present

I have seen a number of posts where men shared memories of their first Father’s Day  but I can’t seem to come up with any particular memory that I can pull out.

It is not because it wasn’t important because it had meaning to me but I have a million other memories tied into being a father that jump out at me.

I could share the last Father’s Day meal at the old house. The kids made breakfast for me. It was supposed to be breakfast in bed but nature called so when they brought it out I was in my office but I made sure to beat a steady retreat back to bed so that I didn’t spoil their plans.

Ask me to share other Father’s Day memories and I can tell you about the time I out ran my grandfather’s car. Actually I did it multiple times and it wasn’t because he was driving slowly or because he let me.

I was just that fast.

Stop arguing, you’ll irritate me and trust me, you don’t want to make me angry.

Marvel V. DC

Yeah, I just ventured into the land of comic book battles and since I am standing in no man’s land I’ll go the distance and say I have always preferred Marvel to DC.

One of the reasons I enjoyed Man of Steel so much was this version of Superman has an edge and I like that. It makes more sense to me, makes him more real.

Some might suggest it is contradictory to my initial position of saying that I suspend disbelief when I watch movies but that is the joy of people, we aren’t logical.

We make arbitrary decisions based upon thoughts, ideas and feelings we aren’t always aware of. It is just how it goes and I am good with that.

Not everything has to make sense or be easily understood. Sometimes it is good to have to peer through clouds of smoke to figure out what lies in the midst. Sometimes you stick your head in the water to see what lies beneath the surface to gain a better understanding but that doesn’t always help either.

That is because the water distorts your vision and what you think should be clear is blurry.

Father’s Day Is Just A Day

I have seen a number of posts on Facebook and throughout the blogosphere in which people instruct us to be cognizant that today might be a hard day for some people.

We are supposed to be extra careful not to upset others who have lost their fathers or don’t have a father in their life. My gut reaction to those posts is to tell them to stuff it.

It is awfully good of them to look out for the feelings of so many people but maybe they have forgotten that people who have lost their fathers have to live every day without them.

Father’s Day is just one day out of the year and maybe that is part of why I have a harder time picking out individual memories. It is not that I don’t appreciate the thoughts, feelings, cards, ideas and gifts that have been given to me but I try not to place so much weight on one day that things can wreck it for me.

But that is just me.

Anyway, this Father’s Day is going to be a mix of work, housecleaning and another movie so it is time for this guy to get some things done so that movie time can come later.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

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