The Five Minute Writing Exercise

Riding the Plasma Wave

I am wired now so I gave myself five minutes to write. It is the five minute writing exercise to clear my head and get ready for seeing my doc. Five minutes to clear my head of all of the crap floating around it now.

Flew back to LA yesterday to see the family, see the doc and take care of some personal matters. Still have to work and don’t mind that. Pushing hard on multiple fronts and feeling frustrated because my schedule is tweaked and interruptions abound.

Normally do a good job of rolling with the punches but these constant interruptions are getting on my nerves. Deep breath, write and free the mind. Get ready to hit the treadmill later, maybe see if I can find time to go play ball.

Guest posted at Feedblitz yesterday, go read it if you like.

Computer is moving slowly, internet is moving slowly, maybe the universe is trying to get my attention. Someone remind the universe I do much better with straight talk.

Weather is beautiful, simply awesome. Will definitely spend lunch walking the dog and just relaxing.

Damn this computer is slow. Why can’t it keep up with me, one more deep breath.

I am on fire but mostly in a good way. I have a dozen ideas and want time to work on them. I know things, can make them happen, will make them happen.

End of five minutes.

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