25 Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

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That is a picture of my paternal grandfather sitting next to me.

Both he and my maternal grandfather had great senses of humor and imagination so they both would appreciate the list of things about me.


Well because I was the favorite grandson (the only one, but that doesn’t matter) and some of the items on this list may or may not be true. ūüėČ

1) I was a child piano playing prodigy, until the age of 4. Unfortunately my piano teacher inadvertently closed the piano upon my fingers. The accident wrecked my fingers and I haven’t been able to play since.

2) Bob Dylan and I sang happy birthday together. Ok, it wasn’t a duet but it really was Dylan. He stood two feet away from me and clapped off beat.

3) I have been blogging  for almost nine years now. So I have actually done this meme far too many times.

4) Every time I do it I fabricate part of it.

5) My life is different from what I thought that it would be.

6) I love movies that have a character that has loved and lost- Casablanca and Unforgiven come to mind.

7) I was evacuated from a Forest Fire when I was 16 and have been through several major earthquakes.

8) My first car was a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger. That was followed by a 1977 Cheverolet Impala Station Wagon. Then I had a 1977 Camaro, it was Blue. That was followed by a 1990 Toyota Camry Station Wagon. That was followed by a 1996 Honda Accord and a 2000 Honda CRV.

9) I took my Dart offroading, did donuts in the quad at my high school, drove through trash cans, shopping carts and endless other barriers that we would assemble.

10) In high school I helped an underclassman sneak out by allowing him to hide in the trunk of the Dart. I didn’t want to do it but he begged me for a month and I finally gave in. I drove for about 3 miles before I let him out, but not before I hit every speed bump and dip I could find. When he got out of the car he was covered in a ton of muck, not to mention some oil I kept in the trunk.

11) I send in 8 secrets a week to the Post Secret Blog. It is an endless source of amusement.

12) When I was younger sometimes I would get in my car and just drive until something caught my eye.

13) When I was a child I was scared silly of Bigfoot.

14) I could eat pizza every day and never get tired of it.

15) Speaking of food I love a good steak, great sushi, coffee and scotch. But not necessarily in that order.

16) I want to write books and screenplays.

17) I love to swim at the beach but am afraid of being eaten by a shark.

18) Clarification: if I had to pick ways to die that frighten me being eaten alive is right up there, so is being burned alive.

19) I think that I am going to outlive most people I know. It is not necessarily a good thing.

20) My mother may read this so it is being censored/adjusted to protect the innocent.

21) I sing like a nightingale, loud and off key.

22) I’d like to be an expert in many fields. Let’s start with history, medicine and science.

23) I wish that I was a better writer and that I could still play the piano.

24) I have a very graphic imagination.

25) I have issues with the following years, 1989, 2009, 2029 and 2049. Not real fond of 2069 and 2089 either.

26) I once tore open a steel can of apple juice with my bare hands.

27) I negotiated a deal with Wilt Chamberlain to open the Wilt Chamberlain Charm school and Dating Seminar. Sadly he died before our dream came to fruition.

28) If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning.

29) I explored making aliyah and still intend to do it one day.

30) I color outside the lines and think outside of the box. But that is because I can.

31) I have another 100 random facts that I might include here. Or I might delete this whole thing and start over.

P.S. This originally appeared on Facebook way back in the ancient Facebook time of 2009.

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