One More Way To Hurt Your Business


In Los Angeles you don’t find empty parking lots on Sunday afternoons, but Texas is a different world so it happens here. Unfortunately not everyone understands that a million empty spaces isn’t license to act like a jerk.


I put the football over their license plate to give them some privacy and added the star to show you the line that delineated the spaces. Just to be clear, even though I sometimes wear a hat, I don’t think I am the sheriff.

He Rode A Blazing Saddle

He Rode A Blazing Saddle.

I thought about saying something to the woman who drove that truck. She was young and when she left Target she was only carrying a few items and a very large attitude.

Some people might suggest that she had some sort of disability that makes it difficult to walk.  It is true there diseases like M.S. or rheumatoid arthritis that aren’t visible to others. I know people who have them and if you see them on a good day you would never know that anything was wrong, but bad days are different.

Bad days are also the days when they pull out their handicap placards and use them.

Those who know me understand confrontation and I are well acquainted. We’re probably closer friends than we should be, but the beauty of age is that I am much more careful to pick and choose my battles.

I could have said something. When she saw me look at the truck she stared at me and dared me to challenge her.

Silence worked better here. She knew from my look what I was thinking and the silence made it impossible to say anything lest she hoist herself on her own petard.

Customer Service Failure

My cable box died Friday night. It just gave out on me, but since it was almost midnight I chose not to try calling my provider. Truthfully I am also positive they weren’t open, but mostly it made more sense to get some sleep.

Saturday afternoon I spent more than an hour on the phone with one of their customer services reps. He walked me through a series of steps to try and diagnose the problem and breathe new life into the box, but none of it worked.

They have to send a technician to my house to fix it, but the technicians don’t work on the weekends so I have to take off of work to let the man/woman in my house.

I was told that I would be given some sort of financial compensation for the lack of television over the weekend, but the customer service rep wasn’t empowered with the ability to adjust my bill.

All they could do was tell me that if I call back during business hours on Monday someone would be able to help me.

I didn’t yell at the rep because they don’t make policy, but I did convey my extreme displeasure.

Instead of doing all they could to fix the situation in a timely manner the company created a situation where I became progressively more irritated. What is going to happen if the technician doesn’t show up early Monday morning and I have to take more time off.

This Time I Will Speak

The obnoxious truck driver didn’t hear from me, but the cable company is going to. In the age of the Internet it is not smart to let hard feelings linger. Many of the online review sites (Yelp etc) are poorly policed and it is easy for angry customers/disgruntled employees to place reviews that aren’t flattering.

It is not particularly wise for a business to ignore this or to foster a situation that would encourage their customers to respond like this.

Sometimes the reason for an empty parking lot has nothing to do with having extra spaces and everything to do with how business is being conducted.

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