When Is It Time For A New Look?

Steam power

I haven’t been working on the railroad all the livelong day but I have been working on a variety of projects, including some major renovations.

More to come on this after the following important message.

Sometimes Facebook provides me with an endless source of amusement. I made myself busy earlier today by filling out empty sections on my Facebook profile and by preparing new status updates such as this one:

The family and I recently spent a chunk of time living in a remote village in the Amazon. We taught the natives how to read/write/speak English and built a library.

Later on my son and I were initiated into their secret warlord council. I would tell you more about it but it is a secret and since you haven’t been initiated you don’t get to know.

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Next month we are going to spend some time touring Tuscany and are going to follow that up with another fabulous trip that will make you jealous because Facebook is about one upping your friends.

Oh, did I mention I just won the Shmulitzer. It is considered by a few people to be superior to the Pulitzer. The only down side is that you have to pay a stiff tax to the government of Freedonia.

Since they hand out the prize money I suppose it is only fair, although I do wonder why they can’t just take the tax out of the award money prior to disbursing it.

I also announced that I purchased a McLaren P1. Sadly this is not true. And it is not because I am turning my nose up at the $2500 monthly leasing fee for the McLaren 12 Coupe either.

Hell, if I had the $1.5 million it takes to get into a 2014 McLaren I might even consider it.

But that is assuming that I had so much cash I wouldn’t worry about the car because I won’t let a car control me.

In simple terms it means that if I ever own an exotic sports car I am going to be so loaded I am not worried about valets, shopping carts, gas prices, car jacking, insurance or any thing else.

As things stand I don’t envision any significant changes happening soon so you can rest assured you’ll probably see me driving a Honda/Toyota with an outside chance at a Lexus/Acura.

When Is It Time For A New Look?

There are two things driving this question:

1) I need a haircut.

2) The blog is starting to look a bit old and weathered to me.

The haircut is a simple thing, more or less. Back in LA I visited the same barber for almost 30 years, actually it is a couple years less than that but I like the sound of 30.

Excuse the sniffling, I am listening to I Miss You A Little by John Michael Montgomery. Damn, this song is ripe for a parody or a movie.

End of digression.

Here in Texas I can’t wear the hat all day long so I am going to visit Floyd’s and take care of the mane, or maybe I’ll just shave it all off. Bald is beautiful. Worked for Michael Jordan and it is a sign of virility.

End of second digression.

About The Blog

The question about whether this joints needs to be renovated is a bit more complicated. My friend Danny Brown makes me smile for a host of reasons not the least of which is I think of him as being a bit restless with design.

I smile because it resonates with me, but Danny seems to be a bit more skilled in this area so I haven’t messed around with it as much as I could.

And because my old man (Hi Dad) managed to teach me it is smarter to move more slowly on some projects.

So I am thinking a bit about what sort of changes I want to see here. Boil it down to questions about needs and wants. I know how to do quite a bit and feel confident about my ability to make things happen, but I think I need to figure out what I want before I blow things up.

Your Turn

Are you happy with how this place looks and operates?

Would you like to see any changes?

It is ok to say no to everything or yes to everything. Hell, it is ok to be ambivalent about it too.

Oh and if you happen to be a friend on Facebook remember you don’t have to believe everything you read. 😉

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