Some Of The Best Advice You Will Ever Receive

There is a millions dollars or more worth of therapy in that video. The reason I like it is because it is not filled with a bunch of ridiculous motivational sayings that are based upon pipe dreams and wishes.

That is not to say I don’t believe that pipe dreams and wishes can come true because I do, but I don’t believe they are as easily obtained as some people would like us to think.

Realistic Expectations

I am in favor of establishing realistic expectations. What that means is that we cannot rely upon luck or magic to manufacture a Hollywood ending and should focus our energies on hard work.

Good things come from that and people who work hard tend to do a good job of making their own luck.

Yet at the same time it is important to recognize the value of working smart. The world is filled with people who are willing to work hard but do so without a plan or any sort of road map.

Goals, Dreams and Expectations

The point is that if you have goals, dreams and expectations you can take steps to build a road map to try to help you transform fantasy into reality, that is assuming that your fantasy is something that is based in possibility.

It is unrealistic to dream that one day you are going to be able to levitate or fly. It is not completely unrealistic to dream of becoming president. Call the distinction impossible versus improbable.

The improbable may be unlikely but there is still a world of difference between that and impossible.

So when you are working on trying to achieve the improbable don’t forget the sunscreen.

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  1. Julie Barrett April 11, 2013 at 3:54 am

    I had a conversation in the school parking lot last week which was literally about the sunscreen. The woman had a three inch skin cancer removed and she was worried because the stitches made one eyebrow significantly higher than the other. I’m pretty sure her eyebrow will recover and even if it doesn’t I told her it would. There’s nothing quite so disconcerting as coming right out of surgery and driving around town, eyebrows be damned – better to get home with your 8 year old in one piece.

    The point is, we were looking at two kids who are blonde haired and blue eyed, growing up in South Florida, and who are we putting the sunscreen on? The 45 year old women.

    You should hear the conversations I have in the car with the kids about the stuff besides the sunscreen. I am sure yours have been much the same, maybe a bit more realistic. Well planned, concerted effort can take you amazing places.

    • Josh April 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm

      Better to get home with your eyebrows intact indeed. Some people have funny priorities.

      Although I do understand how sometimes we can get caught up in “life” and miss somethings.

      Something like sunscreen is pretty easy to forget about too, especially when you are not going to the beach or to the pool on a regular basis.

      Those conversations with the kids can be great, so much fun.

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