What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

The Lost Art of Reading Comprehension

The Lost Art of Reading Comprehension

What kind of blogger are you is something I have been wrestling with for a while now.  That is because when I started this blog my intention was to use it for business purposes.

This was going to be where I wrote about best practices for marketing, social media and general story telling. It was going to be a place where I could demonstrate not just knowledge about business but specific elements of my skill set.

It was going to be used as a platform to build authority, a personal brand and to generate writing and marketing jobs.

So What Happened?

The answer is it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It led to multiple leads that converted into sales and then turned into a tool that led to full time work.

When that happened I decided to shift directions somewhat and I expanded the number of topics I covered here and spent more time writing about more personal matters, such as the chronicle of the move to Texas and the experiences I have had here.

I am not unhappy about the changes because social media and life in general are dynamic environments and you the people who do best are those who are able to adjust on the fly.

There is something exciting about the fluidity of change and moving with it makes things more interesting.

The Echo Chamber Is Real

The echo chamber is real and it is a problem. There are 1,983,322 blogs that are about how to become a better blogger or how to use social media to become a millionaire.

I have no interest in being one of them.

Sometimes I will comment or write about topics that others are focused upon. I might share my thoughts about how to deal with the changes that Google is throwing out. There might be posts about what to do about the death of Google Reader and Feedburner.

You might find discussions about how to use Google Plus for your marketing efforts and maybe some content about Google Glasses. That is because I find those things to be interesting and I have something of value to share with you.

But I won’t do it solely to feed the content monster.

Publish or Perish Exists Online

One of the challenges in building a readership and developing a community is the need to publish content with consistency and regularity. If you don’t do it you will find it very difficult to build anything of substance.

But if all you do is put of inferior content that lacks substance and is generated solely to maintain a presence you will fail anyway.

That doesn’t mean you have to produce perfection each time because you don’t. You can do as Vince Lombardi said and chase perfection but you cannot let the lack of achievement prevent you from publishing.

You Must Write

You must write. You must produce. You must share.

There is no single path to success so my way of doing things doesn’t have to be your way.

When you ask me what kind of blogger I am you will hear me speak about being a dad blogger but you will hear me talk about sharing the business/social media posts I mentioned earlier as well as these other tales.

And if I do a proper job of it you’ll find multiple reasons to continue to visit and hang out here. You’ll find stories that attract and interest you, probably not all of them but some of them and that is ok.

I don’t expect or need everyone to like or love all that I produce.

When you try to make everyone happy you satisfy no one and that is not how I operate.

So what about you. What kind of blogger do you want to be?

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