The Many Faces Of Finding A Home


I spent hours looking for an apartment today and had this idea that I could create a picture collage that illustrated the many faces of finding a home, but I am not sure that I pulled it off with the grace and alacrity I had hoped too.

What I do know is the moments I spent sifting through the digital artifacts we call photos proved I have aged more than I had realized. Flip through the photos and you won’t find gray hairs but you will see that there were more of them, “hairs” that is.

Yep, I concede that the foliage on top isn’t what it used to be and I mostly don’t care.

What Really Matters

What really matters is that I find a place to live so that I can move out of this hotel. What really matters is that I find a better place to hang my hat than this joint, but the truth is that if I could snap my fingers and regain all of my hair I would do that first.


I don’t know, why not.

Maybe if it was in the realm of reality I would be able to give you an answer, but it is not so we can return to the less than scintillating tale of my search for a home.

I visited multiple places in more than a few locations of town and confirmed that Texas shares something in common with the rest of the country.

Some people should never be allowed to work with people because their failure to self identify as misanthropic morons is problematic.

People Who Don’t Like People

People who don’t like people sounds like the title of a parody of a Barbara Streisand song but it is not. It is my description of some of the fine folks I encountered today who were put off by my asking rough questions like:

  • How much is the rent?
  • Can I see the unit?
  • How many units live here?
  • Does your medical plan cover removal of the stick in your ass and how much would you charge to haunt a house?

Ok, I might not have asked every one of those questions, or maybe I did. I’ll let you decide.

But I am willing to bet you have encountered some of these people too. It shouldn’t surprise me to run into them, but it does. I never fail to wonder why some people choose to work in positions in which they have to work with other people.

This Too Shall Pass

Confession: I haven’t lived in a communal housing in almost 15 years, not that there is anything wrong with that because there isn’t. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sort of wondering/concerned about it.

In the days of yore when I did I hadn’t owned a home or enjoyed the many benefits associated with it. I got used to having a certain amount of privacy and have benefited from having wonderful neighbors so I have been a bit concerned about what the complex will be like.

I recognize one can live in a house and have bad neighbors too so to some extent this concern of mine is sort of silly. So maybe what I should really say is it is more nerves in general than concern about apartment living.

Either way it doesn’t matter because this time around I am looking for a short term lease. A bit down the road I’ll have the opportunity to evaluate and decide if I really like that section of town or if there is a better location.

Location, Location, Location

Location really is my biggest concern here. It is part of the challenge of being new to town in that I really don’t know what location makes the most sense.

I have some ideas and have received some direction but ultimately it won’t matter until I move into a place and see what life is like. I know the sun is hot, but I can’t tell you just how hot it really is until I live there.

And yes some of you can take that as a message from me. You can talk all you want about what you think you know but a week long trip doesn’t mean you really know the area at all.

You still sound like the tourist who doesn’t pronounce the name of the street like the locals do. You think you sound cool but to anyone who knows anything you sound like you just caught the last bus into town.

And that my friends ends this particular episode of  “Josh is looking for a place to hang his hat.”

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