One Thing I Wish Every Blog Had


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I wish every blog had a user friendly commenting system. It wouldn’t kill comments by using captchas by forcing people to decipher gibberish and it would make it easy to know when someone responded to the comments you left.

That commenting system would probably have many of the features my friend Jens describes in  How to turn Triberr into the best commenting system for WordPress because those help build community and generate a dialogue.

Community and Dialogue

Community and dialogue are a big part of what I look for in a blog as well as what I am trying to build here. I am interested because people power social media and because I love stories and I love to learn.

An active community with a solid commenting system is often where the magic happens but sometimes we make it harder on ourselves and others by not providing a commenting system that lends itself to that.

When I leave a comment on a blog I am interested in hearing back from the author and or community members. The thing is that we are all busy people and it is sometimes hard to keep track of where we have been online so if we don’t receive a notification about a response it is easy to miss.

Sometimes that means we miss out on what could have been a great conversation and sometimes it means hard feelings develop because when you don’t respond to comments it is similar to ignoring someone.

No one likes to be ignored and sometimes perception trumps reality.

What do you think?

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