Paralysis of Analysis

Analysis is Paralysis

Analysis is Paralysis (Photo credit: Poldavo (Alex))

I have written and rewritten this sentence seven times now. That is because I didn’t like the way that it read. The words didn’t flow from my fingertips and I didn’t feel the purpose and passion that I pursue in each of these posts.

So I stared, hummed, harrumphed and deleted with reckless abandon. My jaw ached from being clenched too tightly and my head hurt from thinking. Or maybe I should say “overthinking.”

Yes, I suffered from a brief bout of paralysis of analysis. Spent too much time wondering and worrying about whether these words would read the way I wanted them too.

There Is a Time for Everything

There is a time for everything and there is merit to thinking about what you are doing and why. I have tried to make sure that everything I do here has a reason and a purpose for being done.

That is because this blog presents more than just my personality. It includes my professional side and I want it to be clear that there is more to me than a guy who likes to laugh. It is why I make a point to review and evaluate the content and the pages you see here.

That review is what made me realize that I lacked a call to action and why I added a page called Hire Me.

But there is a time for review and a time for action and it is important not to mistake the two. So when I realized that I was caught up in ticky tack stuff I took a deep breath and let those words you read above live.

They work. They say what needs to be said and it allowed me to move on to more important things.

I Want Your Help

One of the things that I am working upon is building my Facebook page and increasing the number of followers I have on Twitter. I would love for you to be a part of both.

They provide more places for us to engage and interact and that is what social media is all about. I anticipate that in the near future I will unveil a newsletter that some of you might want to subscribe to.

While I can guarantee I will share that information here I can promise it will be covered in those places too. It is all part of my effort to build a community here. Community is important to me.

I have been involved in one form or another of social media for about a decade now and have been writing professionally for more than twenty years. It is my pleasure to share that knowledge and experience with you, but I am not here to stand on a soapbox.

Your knowledge and experience is of value too.

We can learn and grow together. All I ask is that is you give this place a chance.

Learn By Doing

I know how to find information. I know how to use this skill to learn anything and to apply it so that I can learn by doing. But I also know that it works better when there is more than one person doing it. So my pledge to you is share my tales and tell you my stories.

Some of them will be bits about how paralysis of analysis almost prevented me from writing this post and how I figured out a way to get around it. There is value in sharing.

What do you think?

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