When I Die…

Sunset over St. Peters Bay

Sunset over St. Peters Bay (Photo credit: rhyndman)

When I die I want people to say that I made a difference.

I want them to say that though I may not have always been the best, I showed up and I competed. I want my competitors to say I made them crazy because I never quit.

But more importantly this is what I want to hear while I live. I want it to be clear that I never go quietly into the night and that my silence doesn’t mean acquiescence.

It just means that I am taking a moment to catch my breath so that I can attack another day again and again and again.

That list some of you read isn’t just something I did to fill space

The Best Is Yet To Come

Those aren’t just words or an empty slogan I am sharing to try and convince you this is what I believe. Nah, this post is really for me and not for you. Just a quick reminder to focus on getting what I need and to not ignore what I want.

You are welcome to join the adventure or to stand on the sidelines and watch. Just don’t get in the way because you will get run over or dragged along. I wasn’t built for grace but demolition is a different story.  😉

What about you? Are you dreaming about life or trying to live your dreams?

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