Twenty-Three Posts- Not Quite a Milestone

People make the difference.

When people ask me to provide them with the most important rules of social media I have a simple reply: People.

People make the difference.

It is really that simple and it is a big part of why so many of these posts are focused on people.

If you learn how to make people feel heard, valued and appreciated good things will happen.

The point and purpose of the list below is to give you a chance to see what you have missed and for me to take a moment to consider what should be followed up on or revisited.

As always if there are topics you would like to see covered let me know and we’ll see what we can do about it.

  1. Three Reasons Why I Love Google Plus
  2. How Long Does It Take To Build A Community?
  3. How Old Should Children Be When They Receive Their First Cellphone?
  4. What Is Your Story?
  5. Sustain Your Effort Through The Blog Days of Summer
  6. A Quick Roundup of Reading
  7. Advice For New Bloggers
  8. How To Build A Community- The First Vlog
  9. The Tyranny Of Social Proof
  10. Take A Chance
  11. The Human Side
  12. What Startups Need To Know About SEO
  13. What Is the Most Effective Use Of Your Time
  14. 5 Secrets Great Bloggers Use Daily
  15. Useful Suggestions For Creating Content
  16. The Power of Perception
  17. The Importance of Creativity
  18. Building The Blog- Time Passes Too Quickly
  19. What is The Best Comment System For A Blog?
  20. What Social Media Platforms Should Brands Use?
  21. Is It Better To Be Talented Or Lucky?
  22. How To Become A Successful Blogger
  23. History Is Written By The Victors
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