Three Reasons Why I Love Google Plus

  • Circles/Connections
  • Hangouts
  • Education

Sometimes I think I might enjoy making these videos more if I had my own hair and make up team. Vanity thy name is Josh, but enough about that let’s jump into why I enjoy Google Plus.

I am not involved in social media solely for professional reasons. I am online and involved because I find people fascinating and I love to learn. Google Plus is a useful tool that helps on both counts.

Let’s start by talking about Google Plus Circles. Here are two clips from the link that highlight what I like most about them:

Share like you mean it

Circles make it easy to share the right things with the right people, just like in real life. Now you can share some things with close friends, others with your family, and almost nothing with your boss.

Choose who you hear from

It’s easy to see what the people in any circle are sharing. So you can catch up on news from close friends before reading about what your second cousin had for breakfast. Never miss a post, picture, or link with circles.

I like the increased control over who hears/reads/sees what and who doesn’t. It makes it easier to tailor your message to those who are going to be most interested in it.

Google Circles don’t have the same character limitations as on some other platforms so it makes it easier to have deeper conversations. If you are talking about something more complex it is easier to explain when you don’t have to do it in 140 characters.

That is not a swipe at Twitter. I use it daily and have found it to be excellent but smart people pick and choose the right tool for their projects or so I was taught by one of my professors.

Google Plus Hangouts

I love the hangouts, maybe not like Gini Dietrich loves Pinterest, but I love my hangouts.

Chat face to face, wherever you are

Catch up with the whole family — whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet device.

Host virtual meetings

Increase your team’s productivity with meetings that hold up to 10 people and powerful tools like screen sharing and Google Docs.

As I mentioned in the video hangouts provide an excellent way to meet people and build connections. I have sat in my home in Los Angeles and talked to people in India, Canada, Israel, Switzerland and Chile all at the same time.

If you are my age or older you remember when this sort of technology was stuff we dreamed about. It was “I wish I was James Bond so I get cool stuff from Q too” and not something that anyone with a computer, webcam and an internet connection could use.

Heck, you can participate in a hangout with smartphones now, but I digress.

Ignore the social aspects of the hangout and focus on the business side and you have a simple and effective tool you can use to conduct meetings and presentations. That is just very cool.


Technically there are more than three things I really like about Google Plus but I promised to focus on three and that is what I am going to do. I include education because I find it to be a constant source of interesting news and information about things that add value to my life.

The trick  is to be careful about who you follow and or add to your circles. If you pay attention it is not hard to use it as a way to learn about all sorts of different things.

What about you? Are you on Google Plus and if so, what do you like/dislike about it? Let me know in the comments.

In the interim if you are interested in adding me to one of your circles I can be found right here.

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