How Old Should Children Be When They Receive Their First Cellphone?

If the study that is quoted below is accurate the answer is kids are being given cellphones in utero. Ok, that is an exaggeration but it is clearly happening at very young ages.

“Cell phone owners are getting younger and younger. According to a new study, 83 percent of middle schoolers, 39 percent of fifth-graders, and 20 percent of third-graders have a mobile device.

Stephanie Englander of Bridgewater University conducted the study (PDF) for the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center. Her research consisted of interviews with 20,766 Massachusetts students, in third through twelfth grades, with the goal of seeing whether readily available technology plays a role in cyberbullying. CNET

What do you think about this? Is there a “right” age or should it be based upon each child and their particular set of circumstances?

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