Building The Blog- Time Passes Too Quickly

You know, we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of lives while they are happening. Back then I thought, Well there’ll be other days. I didn’t realize that was the only day.” Archibald (Moonlight) Graham
Field of Dreams

When you are in your twenties it feels like you have endless amounts of time to try and do lots of different things, but as you get older you learn that isn’t always the case.

I intended to start this blog quite some time ago but I never did get around to it. Blame it on my having fallen into the trap of thinking there would be lots of time to do it later.

Life experience has taught me to pay close attention to the days because you really don’t know how much time you have left on the clock. All I have to do is look back at the last 16 years and count the number of friends and family members who have died.

Seven of them stick out in my head.

That is because they died young. They were all between 25 and 40. Some of them died before they had the chance to get married and or start families. Some of them left behind widows and widowers who had to explain to their children why mommy/daddy weren’t going to come home any more.

How Does This Relate To Building A Blog?

The relationship between the two is simple. They are both about people.

People read blogs because the writer provides information that they find useful or because they can relate to the stories that are shared there. Sometimes they hang out there for both reasons.

If I do a proper job you will spend time here for the same reasons. Given time a community will form here and people will show up for reasons other than a desire to read my stories.

They’ll come because friendships will develop between community members and because this place will be like a big cyber coffee shop or barbecue.

So now we are going to find out if there is enough magic in the moonlight to make “If you Build It They Will Come” into something more than a simple pop culture reference.

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