Cut Them All Loose

Dave Roberts has proven to be among the finest managers during the regular season but has not impressed most fans I know during the post season.

Two straight world series losses and a loss to the Washington Nationals in a playoff series the Dodgers had handled and bungled is enough.

I feel badly for Clayton Kershaw who by all accounts is a fine human being as well as an outstanding pitcher but Kersh isn’t the player he used to be and has a rough history in the post season.

The Dodgers had the lead and and for some silly reason Roberts brought in Kershaw, a starting pitcher to throw a couple of innings of relief. Kersh gave up two consecutive home runs which allowed the Nats to tie the game and the momentum shifted.

I share the above should dad somehow be able to read my posts and did not see the game.

So here we are again dad, disappointed, myself more than I ought to be but I am frustrated with and by several other things so my tolerance is low.

It is time to cut some things and some people loose because the negative energy sucks the life out of me and I don’t know how much I have left so I am unwilling to share any with those who don’t deserve it.

I Wish This Wasn’t Happening Now

Several people have remarked upon the times and circumstances we are living under and told me they wished it wasn’t happening.

I quoted Tolkien and assured them I don’t particularly like it either. One asked me how I keep going and I asked if there was a choice.

This day could have been rougher and less fulfilling but only if it had put an effort into it. So while it could have been worse it could have been better.

I rank it as being among the bottom 10 of the Yom Kippurim I have experienced and hold myself accountable f0r part of it.

It is good that it is late evening and that I am going to bed soon because I have an early morning meeting that I am not looking forward too, primarily because of the time, but for other reasons too.

There is no doubt that morning will bring about some time with well intentioned kooks, wingnuts and fools along with some who are determined to cover their own insecurities by attacking my positions.

Positions they do not know but assume because of background and a variety of other silly devices. I have made it clear it is probably best not to push me on some of this and tomorrow I will deliver consequences should I be tested.

As I told the kids I am not a fan of confrontation but I am not afraid of it either and I am very good at shutting down unnecessary nonsense.

I don’t have to be validated, understood or agreed with. I am willing to cut off contact and walk whenever sensible.

It takes some doing to get me there, but once I am there it is easy to do and I don’t lose sleep over it.

And that is all the nonsense you’ll see on this page tonight… This was the last stop for writing, bleah and feh to it all.

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