When A Middle Age Dude Votes For A Delusional Dolt

The man asks me to help him understand what happens when a middle age dude vote for a delusional dolt.

“They might think this video is a documentary about real people.”

“C’mon Josh, that is just ridiculous.”

“Brother, people like to think they are smart but we consistently see them act in ways that make no sense.

How many people have been injured trying to take selfies with wild animals at the zoo. The lion looks pretty cool, but I have no doubt that feline might try to take a bite out of my ass if I presented the opportunity. How many idiots believe the world is flat or that vaccines cause Autism.”

And now we break for Meatloaf and let people wonder what I, you and they won’t do.

Some Days It Don’t Come Hard

Those are the legendary Viagra days in which you reach into your pants and pull out your phone because you have to put on one of your GoTo songs or find a quote that moves you from flaccidity to action.

I know those days and the Quasimodo moments where you look in the mirror and think about hiding up around the bells in Norte Dame.

But I also know that sometimes you can turn them upside down and inside out to create Paradise By The Dashboard Light.


Had a three hour meeting today that left my head spinning in a positive way because we covered an enormous amount of material and even though I didn’t walk away with a concrete opportunity I know it is going to lead to more than one.

It was one of those moments where you aren’t sure if you are Dorothy or the Scarecrow but either way you know you are good because you found a partner who is committed to finding solutions with you.

When The Past Meets The Present

The funny thing about the meeting is how certain things came up that I hadn’t mentioned or alluded to.

They were good and positive things and a slightly more superstitious man might wonder if they were messages sent from angels.

It never hurts to hear such things, especially when they are unexpected and unlooked for.

Later in the day a different sort of conversation began and I got the distinct feeling that someone was trying very hard to get the last word.

Sometimes I don’t care but in this situation I decided it wasn’t going to happen and tried to remember where I had placed a paragraph I had written about a similar situation many years ago.

I didn’t find it, but I stumbled onto something else that made me smile.

It wasn’t what I was looking for, but it served a different purpose and I am cool with that.

All that we had were the words on a page. The words that we used to craft thoughts and ideas about life, children, relationships, politics and so much more were all that we had. Others vehemently disagreed with us and from behind their keyboards launched vicious attacks

Got a few more minutes left before I shut down the computer and start to settle down for the evening.

Probably should move from the Rolling Stones and Zeppelin to something quieter because I am a bit fired up.

It is too bad I won’t have this surge of energy at 8 AM but if all goes as I hope it will hit by 10 and I’ll use it to smack Tuesday into next week.

I am over due for some big wins and not willing to settle for some days not coming easy. Suppose I am going to have to take a few steps to adjust a few attitudes.

Keep your eyes open, Johnny is on the march.

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