Should I Get Involved?

I am hanging with Maximus watching, listening and thinking about a bunch of things not the least of which is whether social media has wrecked childhood or just changed it.

Flipping through Facebook posts and debating whether I’ll wade into arguments I have access to because friends of friends have posted upon their pages and I can see the lies, distortions and mistruths.

Technically I don’t have to ask because the post is open so I can make like Maximus and slice through the muck but I don’t know if it is helpful or necessary.

Or maybe it is after having updated four or five sites and posted 982 times throughout Facebook I am ready to start settling down because I am available to help if needed and I haven’t been asked.

And three days into the week I feel like Maximus in that final battle, fighting because if I stop I will collapse.

Fortunately tomorrow is a new day and I expect things will look different in the morning and if they don’t, well I’ll worry about it then.

This Is Over

Got frustrated with a few people and a few things so I muttered this is over and reiterated promises made.

“This is over and there is only tomorrow and the next day. Neither is promised but both will probably come provided we do the ordinary things we do.”

That is how I made it to 50 and I figure I’ll get to every other birthday I celebrate. I’ll wake up and do my thing, go to sleep and then do it again until I don’t.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain

Got told again that I am college material and that I could probably get a degree if I wanted one.

I told the guy never to make the mistake of believing the person with dirt on their hands wasn’t educated, well read and informed.

And then I made a mental note to make sure my kids know I see multiple paths to said education and that it doesn’t mean that a traditional path is the only one.

The tools and resources you gain from an education are invaluable and required, but the path to getting them, well that can be adjusted.

Sometimes there are benefits to earning a few bucks and gaining life experience so that you figure out what to focus upon.

I have pushed them hard to try to focus on careers that can’t be outsourced.

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” Mark Twain

Got some things to take care of so I can’t piss around here all night like I wish so I’ll wrap her up now.

I do wish Mr. Clemens were around as I very much would like to discuss life and writing with him.

Guess I’ll have to just do more reading and see where that leads me.

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