Sometimes You Have Donuts For Dinner

I know a girl who talks about herring that tastes like butter but I have never come across such a thing and even if I had I am not sure I would choose to eat it for dinner.

Got no one here to ask me what I want or suggest that I pick something else because it doesn’t sound good to them so I debated whether it would be salami and eggs with a beer chaser or donuts.


Yeah, donuts.

Sometimes you have donuts for dinner…two in particular but the jury is out on whether the 12 pack of Shiner will be opened tonight.

Hit the gym first because I figure if a man is going to eat donuts for dinner he ought to work off  a quarter of the calories he is going to consume.

Throw three 45 plates on each side for the chest press machine and pump out three sets of six and you can fool yourself into believing that you are not wrecking yourself, especially when you know you can put two more 45s on each arm.

Not bad for 50, not bad at all–too bad you are unfocused and lack discipline.

Ignore The Video & Listen To The Music

You can take it as a reference to the music video or look deeper and hear me say I am speaking to myself, reminding myself to ignore what I see and follow what I hear.

A colleague asks a question I have heard a million times and I nod my head, I have seen actors and I know writers, directors and producers.

I know people who have been to the Academy Awards and I know people who have won Emmies but most of the people I know are the same as you and I.

They are doctors and lawyers. They are small business owners and teachers. They are men and women who do their best to make a buck, be good parents and hope to retire one day.

This man surprises me and asks why I haven’t ever tried to get one of my friends to let me write for their show or contacts.

“If you are any good they might take your work and turn it into something. Might be the shortcut you never thought about.”

It is not such a crazy thought but I haven’t wanted to put anyone on the spot that way. Haven’t wanted to be that guy.

Have always wanted to be discovered or to earn it in some other way, assuming I could come up with something meaningful.

The Basics

I pay attention to those who need nothing but their voice to sing and those who require electronic assistance, dancers and a show to help you forget their primary tool isn’t sharp enough to carry you away without assistance.

Sometimes the show, glitz and glitter is a nice addition and provides layers that help tell a grand story and create the magic, but at heart I always appreciate the basics.

Can you take simplicity and use it create sophistication?


Been wearing the progressive lenses for about a week now and haven’t completely adjusted yet.

Technically don’t have to wear them other than for night driving, television and movies so that has been sort of what I have focused upon.

Have occasionally tried them during the day just to see if they made a distinct difference but haven’t felt like they have made a huge impact.

Glad I got them but damn it is weird to have old people glasses.

An Empty Hand

Sometimes you put out your hand and let the sun warm it and imagine what you wish was in it.

It is part visualization technique and part magic.

Ask the universe for help and watch it set things in motion or watch yourself be the person who moves and shakes it so that what you want and need becomes what is.

One can argue whether it is more fulfilling to say it happened because of your efforts or because of lucky.

As for me, I am eating donuts for dinner.

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