The Confidential & The Breathtaking

Two movie clips fly through my mind because there is relevant truth that I want to rip out and share because for the longest time I fought it.

If I told you to watch just the first 48 seconds it might raise more questions than it answered and I would be ok with that because some questions aren’t mean to be asked by just anyone and some answers are only to be shared with the one.

You don’t speak of the confidential and the breathtaking with just anyone because some boundaries are never to be crossed and some stories never to be shared with those who don’t deserve to know.

When Words Don’t Suffice

Neruda says in one kiss he’ll tell you all he hasn’t said and I raise my glass and toast him.

‘Brother Pablo, we could have quite the conversation were you not dead.”

Would he like Scotch or prefer something harder or fruitier?

I don’t know.

Perhaps he would look at the picture above and ask me if I have been and softly smile as I nodded my head in affirmation. Maybe he would understand if I told him about home sometimes a scent gets caught in your nose the same way a particular song becomes an ear worm.

Except worm implies a negative connotation and there is no negative here for the scent you smell reminds you of home and security. It is something you could get lost in and you picture following an invisible trail to wherever it leads for you have to confirm what it is.

Because there are ordinary moments that you expect to play out a particular way because experience has taught you this is the way life will go and then ordinary moment you expected changes.

It is inexplicable and indescribable how it happens but when it does you either accept that you are being bathed in magic or you fight it. Fight it because you can’t let magic in and refuse to believe for it will turn the world inside out.

I know this to be true for I have lived it and I have learned how to let go and accept.

Doesn’t make me Han Solo or mean that I have piloted one of the coolest ships in 39 galaxies but it does mean I know some things.

Sometimes I go back to the places and sit there for a while in silence and let the universe answer the great questions of life or let it bathe me in silence.

Sometimes words don’t suffice.

Land Locked

Sometimes it is very strange to be land locked and to know I can’t just drive to the sea and sit on the sand. I’m not surprised to say I miss the ocean more than I expected and that I wish I had spent more time there, but you can’t plan for everything.

Maybe it is because I have had dreams of being a sailor and traveling the world. Not a sailor of the naval type but more of a pirate.

But probably more of the happy-go-lucky pirate who lives life on his terms and doesn’t go looking for a fight but always finishes those that come his way.

Maybe those pirates only exist in books or movies and maybe my dream is nothing but fantasy.

But I focus on living a life where I find ways to live my dreams and not dream my life. Maybe this scent that I still smell has me thinking funny thoughts and maybe those thoughts would come along regardless.

The growth part of recognizing magic means not overthinking or wondering too hard about some of those things we think we know.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is how much of life is outside of my control and how little influence we really have.

All I can do is position myself when and where possible to sail around the storms or find smooth paths through them. Sometimes my ship has been wrecked and I had to fight my way back to the surface and tread water until dawn broke and I could see where shore lay.

I may not get to do all I want and experience every dream but it won’t be because I let myself grow too old to believe or to accept that things happen.

Sometimes they’re good things and sometimes they are not.

Most of the time the question of what they are or are not lies in how we choose to let them impact us. Years ago I would have told that was nonsense, but not anymore.

I have lived too long and seen too much to believe that.

Into the mystic go I.

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