A State Of Disunion

Scientists haven’t yet found a way to prove whether Donald Trump is smarter than a meatball but they do believe he is slightly more eloquent than a lamb as its throat is cut.

Can’t say I was impressed by his prevarications, fear mongering and delusional ranting because I expected it. Nor can I say Stacey Abrams was nearly as sharp or as on point as I had hoped.

All told it made for a great State Of Disunion and yes, I am feeling ornery tonight.

Tired of the stupidity of others and the inability to rely upon those who I should be able to do as they said they would do. So it comes down that I will clean up the messes others make and be the hammer.

Not because I want to be, but because I have to be and that friends always leads to someone crying and it is rarely me.

I Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Donnie Mac’s words are perfect yet again because I semi-expected to encounter a few of these challenges.

Shouldn’t be disappointed or angry because my expectations aren’t being met but in some cases the bar is set so very low it is almost impossible to screw it up, yet here we are.

Got blocked by several on Facebook and expect to be blocked by some more because the take no prisoners and show no quarter moment has extended itself from days past into the present and perhaps into the future

Somewhere in the corner of my mind I can hear the old man asking me why I bother wasting my time but I don’t bother trying to answer because he is not here to debate with.

Not here to glare at me with steely blue eyes or to tell me to take a breath and remember you can only play the hand you are dealt. Not here to tell me that running with the moon is a good way to get into trouble or suggest that I not hurt myself by benching without a spotter.

Can’t tell me what he thinks of blood test results or why he would do things differently.

Nor can he tell me he is impressed by what I accomplished doing things my way and/or say that I ought not to worry because 50 is far younger than I realize.

That is ok, been doing it on my own for what feels like forever and can keep going as long as I need to go. Sometimes it is easier to play the hand as the lone wolf because when you keep your own counsel there are fewer disagreements about the best way ahead.

Still it would be nice to tell him about the three major accomplishments and point out he was right about a few things.


Put in two miles on the treadmill and 3 sets of 10 on the bench press. Pushed through two more sets of tricep extensions and felt my arms start to tremble.

Had mixed feelings about it, because the old guy remembers far too well what he could do and wants to know why he just can’t do it again.

Wants to know why the body won’t listen to the mind and go back in time. Paid enough attention to the current moment to walk away early so that I can go back again but was frustrated.

Played around with setting up a schedule to spend two hours at the gym every night for the next two weeks from 6-8. Two solid weeks of focus knowing that it is not enough to change everything, but might be the sort of kick start needed to get going.


About That State Of Disunion

Guy asked me if I was satisfied with the service I received and I told him he ought to be embarrassed to ask that question.

Heard a sharp intake of breath and then the soft, “Are you serious?”

“Yes. If you ask me to do your job for you and have the audacity to pretend you didn’t abrogate your responsibility I am not going to say it was good. Not for this, not this time. There is still much to be done and I have the feeling you have gotten used to people accepting less than what our contracted agreement calls for.”

“Uh…Mr. Wilner I have treated you the same way I treat everyone else.”

I told him he was polite and respectful. I appreciate that, but telling me you didn’t provide others with contracted service isn’t an excuse.

“Maybe it is a lack of training. Maybe it is your supervisor’s shortcoming, I don’t know but they are going to hear from me. And if that doesn’t fix the issue I’ll keep climbing the ladder.

Remember when I said asking me to be the squeaky wheel didn’t provide me with confidence? Well this is what happens when the lack of action provides me with proof that lack of confidence is warranted.”

He sputtered at me and asked if I could give him time to rectify things.

“Already did, but you can try.”


I don’t like being the hardass and edgy guy. I really prefer to be silly and loose.

But the old man taught me long ago there are times when being the hardass is necessary to be effective. Doesn’t mean you are mean or impolite, either, but the option remains.

A short time after the conversation above someone else called and complained about a particular situation and I softly suggested they rethink their approach.

“Josh, I don’t think I can do that.”

“Are you in front of your computer?”


“Check your email now.”

“What am I looking at?”

“You’re looking at the email where you promised to do X, Y and Z. You can follow through or I can reply and copy a dozen other people and ask when this is going to be completed. That is not going to go over well and it will cause issues I think we’d rather avoid.”

There was an extended silence followed by a mumbled agreement that what I asked for would be done. I was pleased and irritated.

Pleased that unnecessary trouble would be avoided and irritated that crap that should have been finished long ago was incomplete.

Instead of working together to build something bigger and better the silos are deeper and the chasms between larger. The state of disunion ought to be more easily overcome than it currently seems to be.

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