I’ll Whisper In Your Ear

If I catch certain people talking with their hands I’ll grab them, smile and say I just applied their mute button.

When they ask me why I’ll say I’ll whisper in your ear and then watch to see whether the expression on their face changes and or to see if their body language changes.

Sometimes I know them well enough to read quite a bit from that and sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

Things have happened recently that have reminded me about how important some traits are and how easy it can be when the right chemistry is in place.

If you don’t have to push the circle into the square peg’s hole life is much easier.

Or if you want to refer back to prior posts if you are among that small number of people I can be stuck in a closet/elevator or marooned on an island with you may be square but you aren’t trying to force yourself into the wrong hole.

What Would Brother Pablo Say?

One of the readers asked me to explain what Brother Pablo would say if he were here to discuss the quote above. I said you could say he is talking about a naked woman.

“Men are so simple. All they want is to get the pants off of a lady and they are happy.”

I asked if they had ever considered naked might refer to conversation. It might be in reference to talking with perfect honesty about what we believe and hope for.

“Ya know the kind of conversation where you open yourself up and share the things that are most personal and intimate. Maybe Brother Pablo had that sort of relationship and misses it. Maybe he is working on getting it back.”

Not long thereafter I got another note with lots more questions that I chose not to answer. I thought about writing a different version of the quote in which I would suggest the questioner ought not to stand so close to my windows because I didn’t want them to get fogged up.

But I didn’t say that or really much of anything.

For a brief moment I thought about telling them to watch the first 52 seconds of this clip and then I didn’t because I wasn’t interested in connecting the dots between all my thoughts.

Hell, I wouldn’t do it via text for anyone unless I had no options. It is an in-person discussion and only with those who hold the keys.

I Know Nothing

Spend any time on social media and you’ll see pictures of people and animals with captions that suggest whatever they are doing is part of living their best lives.

I take those comments and pictures with a grain of salt because though I know nothing I also know something: People have issues.

All of us have something that causes us some sort of anguish to varying degrees. All of us have challenges so why would I get crazy about the date night/best vacation/amazing whatever pictures.

I mention it in passing because of the words of a stranger at a coffee shop who said he dropped Facebook because it depressed him.

“People seem too happy.”

I have my share of challenges and troubles but I have never gained or lost happiness because of what others posted.

If I gain or lose anything because of people it is always because of those I let share in my life. They add something and sometimes they take it away.

But that is why I have that strict suck policy.

If you suck the life out of me you are not going to be a part of things for long. Life is too short.

I want people who are reliable and who support me just as I do them. Don’t need a ton to be happy so if I have a couple that fit the bill that is enough.

Especially if I have got those few who share that deep connection and chemistry with. I won’t say it means it doesn’t take work sometimes to manage things because that is how it is with people and relationships.

There is always a little something required. You have to be active in staying/keeping in touch.

That is ok, you can work for those who uplift your spirit because you give each other something that you both value and would otherwise miss.

Final Words

My son got irritated because I called him a monster or at least I think that is what did it.

It is possible dear old dad did something else, but we’re not hear to guess or air that sort of dirty laundry.

Instead we’ll close with this, I told him if we’re lucky we find the people that aren’t scared of us or the monsters that live inside of us.

Those people exist, you won’t necessarily find them waiting at school, the gym or the local drugstore, but you might. Keep your eyes open and listen to the voice inside your heart.

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