When Lucy Tries To Take The Football

I may have a hairline that resembles Charlie Brown and I may like baseball but after that the similarities end.

Because the first two times Lucy tries to take the football away when I kick it are the only two times that will happen. After that I’ll either refuse to try or I’ll kick the ball and whatever part of Lucy’s body it may be attached to.

That is what happens when a stormwalker dances in the fire juggles chainsaws, bowling balls and pythons.

He learns to adapt, pivot and duck as needed of course.

News came in that made the hair on the back of my neck rise and I felt my spider sense start tingling.

“Shit is about to go down old boy, better tighten your belt and get ready.”

The reflection smiled and repeated my words back to me and I headed out the door to take on the ghouls, goblins and banshees.

Plant Your Feet

Got a call from an old friend who asked why I didn’t call when I was in LA and I told him there wasn’t time.

It was the truth, he wasn’t anywhere close to where I was and I had too much to do in too little time. What I didn’t tell him is how things feel for me now, not because I was embarrassed or too shy but because I didn’t feel like having a long conversation.

Didn’t want to take the time to explain when I knew he would try to grill me. That is never a good approach for getting me to speak and lately it’s his fall back move.

Almost sent him the clip below but I was concerned he’d read too much into it and miss the simple message in it.


and then I thought about the Skyfall Trailer but opted not to go that way because again, I think he’d get lost in the weeds.

Because the thing is, I am not who I was and some of the changes are so profound I haven’t figured it out myself.

People like to address me as being constant and consistent and in so many ways that is an apt description. If you have known me long enough you’ll recognize me but you might not recognize who I am not anymore.

This doesn’t make me any different from a million other people. Doesn’t mean I am special or different, it just means I can see and feel change.

I see the road unfolding ahead of me but there are few signs and where I once would have planted my feet and said I refused to go forward I am not doing that anymore.


I had a conversation with a different friend about changes, the past, present and future in which I spelled out some of what I hope to accomplish.

I also said I am disappointed in some people who haven’t held up their end of the friendship bargain. I may be a difficult pain-in-the-ass but if I say I am going to do something I follow through.

I am reliable and I am tired of some people not being.

If you have been around 30 plus years and I don’t feel like I can rely upon you I am unlikely to say anything because I already have.

I am not going to chase you.

If I am important you’ll reach out and if not, well I’ll try to focus on the good times.

I know from experience that sometimes people we love die far too young and I won’t be the guy that walks around regretting I didn’t say what needed to be said or tried to do what I could.

But you can’t control others and if they choose to go their own way without you that is how life rolls. Still it seems odd that after decades one wouldn’t have the decency or respect to say anything.

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