What Is An Unbreakable Connection?

It never occurred to me the final week of 2018 would be a time when events would make me consider what is or isn’t an unbreakable connection or that doing so would make me smile as it does now.

Very few would understand the how and why of  it so we’ll save time with offering long winded explanations and say sometimes it’s best to just accept the unexpected gifts we receive as we go along.

Or if you must know more you can read the words I wrote a few years back and know I see them as being applicable.

And once you accept that you survived the moments that you thought would stop you in your tracks and understand how to read the map upon the scars, well then you are on your way, aren’t you.

A week and a day later a million songs play inside my head, jockeying for position with one holding the top spot for a brief moment.
What Is An Unbreakable Connection?

If you put the music on and are of a certain age there isn’t any doubt we’ll share some common ideas and memories surrounding it.

That’s one type of connection but those that drive my thought now are not necessarily pop culture or familial based, at least not of the sibling/cousin variety.

No, I am more focused on the people we bring into our lives by choice and those we keep.

If you know me well you know I am sentimental but that sentimentality won’t stop me from cutting ties with those who don’t uphold their end of the relationship.

When dad died if you didn’t reach out to say you were sorry in some sort of way I put you in a box and in some cases kicked you to the curb.

You didn’t have to send me a card or do anything special. All I needed was for you to acknowledge that my father died and if you didn’t do that, well there is a damn good chance you haven’t heard a word out of me since.

Might not ever again, might being the operative word because experience has taught me never to say never.

Anyhoo, that is not the area of focus here either, what I am thinking about is different.

What fascinates me is how you can pick things up with some people exactly where they left off and know without having to ask they feel the same.

It is a deeper, richer and infinitely more valuable connection because those are far rarer. Those don’t just come along every day so when they do you need to hold onto them.

You need to nurture them because if you do lose them that is the sort of loss in which the absence is palpable.

Yet in the great contradiction of life it seems to me they also tend to be the closest to the mythical unbreakable connection because you know you can say/do almost anything.


Short On Time

This is a topic that I could and should write more about.

If it weren’t for the gym’s short hours today I would absolutely do so but I am operating off of gut instinct now so this is is going to be quick snapshot.

Might even post another time or two tonight…maybe.

Were it not for a telephone call that interrupted this it would be longer and layered thicker, but such is the way of the world. Sometimes it works as we wish and sometimes we work as it wishes.

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