They Say It Burns, Burns, Burns

Don says he has nothing on his mind and nothing to forget but I know better, ‘cuz experience teaches you a thing or two.

When I got lost in the parking lot for the second time in a month I tried to decide if I was making like Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond or if maybe there are other things occupying my mind.

Twice in a month I walked many more miles than necessary to get to the car and that is ok ‘cuz the exercise doesn’t hurt. I need more of it and more of a bunch of things.

Maybe it is because it has been two hands on the back of the head kind of extended moment or maybe it is because sometimes blazing a trail is damn hard work.

I’d spend more time out in the country doing the things that clear my head and bring more clarity but all this rain has put a damper on it, besides I know what is going on.

The chains and fetters have been loosened and whether it is because I never stop testing them or if I was set free for other reasons I haven’t any clue, nor do I care.

What I know is after not enough sleep, an extended workout last night and lots of walking today I am singing along with Johnny for different reasons.

It burns, burns, burns but not hot enough that Advil can’t take the edge off.


Be Like An Ape

I have to find a new hosting company for the blogs, got to review test results with the doc and handle a bunch of other odds and ends on a list 1,968 miles long.

But I am not going to flip out or go ape, no sir, no ma’am.

I am going to be like the ape and just take the day as it comes. If you want it different, you are going to have to ask.

You are going to have to say please and I might say no just because I can.

Maybe I’ll make like a Leonard Cohen who has learned another verse or maybe not.


I saw the trailer for Beautiful Boy and it got me thinking about whether I’ll watch it or not. Made me think, maybe remember.

Made me wonder if they once heard me speaking and stole words they used or if those same words were things that many have said.

The latter is most likely but there are moments where things happen that make you wonder.

Bet that Silverback doesn’t ever think about some things, bet that Silverback is pretty good about focusing on what is in front and ignoring what is behind or not yet important.

Or maybe not.

Your Beard Is So Black

“You said this is your second time living in Texas. When did you first visit?”

“I was in Dallas for a different show in ’93.”

“Are you saying you have been working for 25 years?”

“Good math, and yeah, been about that. If I hadn’t changed majors it would be closer to 30.”

It occurs to me after I say it that I rounded up more than I had to, it would be more like 27 but who cares.

“You aren’t old enough to have been working that long. You’re messing with me.”

“Nope, I’ll be 50 on my next birthday. Old enough to have been around for a bit, but still very young.”

“Your beard is so black, it is really dark. I think you are messing with me.”

“Nope, if you knew what my knees and back felt like now you’d be convinced.”

We go through some more small talk, hit the business portion and then I head off to do other things.

Other things being code for shaking the weasel before the ride home, cuz the rain might make the commute a little longer and Texans are awful drivers without the weather.


A teenage girl who calls me Abba, dad and sometimes tries ‘Hey You’ is at a Halloween party. She dressed in a giraffe costume and consented to sit on my lap for a picture.

It took a bit of eye rolling and a “you just reminded me of the time you were four and dressed up as a dog we have to recreate it” before it happened, but it did.

Now I wait for a phone call to come sooner than later so she can be picked up and I can take my pants off.

Given the rainfall here the doorbell has received little use making the dog and myself quite happy. We’ll see if the girl will come home and gleefully tell me she and her friends marched down the street taking candy from strangers.

The funny thing is that though I am tired, chances are I’ll be awake for hours. We’ll see if the other midnight owls choose to contact me or chase their own bedtime stories.

It is too bad the weekend doesn’t start tomorrow as I could really use some extra time in bed.

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