10,000 Letters

I didn’t mean to pour such a large celebratory snort of Scotch but I drank it anyway cuz it is Saturday night and I am not leaving the house.

Wasn’t large enough to make me stumble but if I happen to write something stupid, incomprehensible or mushy you know what I will blame it on.

Cue the songs that started my afternoon.

Watched A Star Is Born and mostly enjoyed it, but truth is there were a couple of things that didn’t work for me.

Not because I am a maven of storytelling or movies but because they touched a nerve but unless I have written you 10,000 letters don’t bother asking because I won’t say.

Hell, I don’t know if I could bring myself to share that part anyway 0r maybe I could.

10,000 Letters

Flipped back to Keb Mo ‘cuz I need to refocus my attention and stop mulling over a couple of challenges.

That sort of focus is a double edged sword that has helped me solve a bunch of situations and overcome some significant challenges but it has caused me to lose some sleep upon a time.

Yes it has, because when I hear the ringing of the bells and know things I am driven to confirm that it is correct.

Thing is it is almost always is so you would think it is would be easy to just relax but sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes you write 10,000 letters and learn things about yourself and others that make you see things with a clarity that not all get, assuming you accept what you see.

Got to just dance in the fire when necessary and learn to swing at the good pitches.


The Dodgers won the pennant for the second year in a row and the second time in my life.

I have vivid memories of ’77 and ’78 when they beat the Phillies and lost to the Yankees. I remember the joy of winning and the pain of losing.

For a long time I hated hearing Sinatra sing New York, New York because the Yankees played it every time they won.

That little boy remembers a different time when players stayed for years with the same team and he remembers going to Builder’s Emporium with dad.

Can’t tell you what we were supposed to get but I can tell you we talked about whether the Dodgers would win and how he remembered when they moved to LA.

Talked about the championships he remembered them winning and how I should relax because when you are 8 or 9 years-old your team has years to win.

Funny to think about how I have told my kids to be patient and how I remember the Dodgers finally beating the hated Yankees in ’81 and then the A’s in ’88.

Dad would appreciate that and he would enjoy talking about the Dodgers but the days of those conversations are gone now.

Someone told me recently I should be grateful that I know what he would say in most circumstances but I find that hard to swallow.

Doesn’t matter if I think I know because I can’t confirm and sometimes it is nice to hear people who matter to us say certain things even if we know what they are.

Too Much Clutter

I have cleaned out the closets and garage but there is still too much clutter.

Blame it on having had to move seven times in 10 years because by cleaning I mean I have gotten rid of lots of the loose stuff.

If it is in a box I might not have touched it because I don’t want to open them unless I have time to go through and properly sort the stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids will end up with some unopened box and find things that were important to me when I was 32 but would have little meaning now and even less in 20 years.

Or maybe they’ll have more, hard to say.

Ideally there is a long while before I end my time on this plane and I’ll get through those items, but first I have to filed this stack of papers next to me.

It is making me crazy, 19,832 EOBs and assorted odds and ends.

After the movie we made a quick trip to Costco to return a few things and I forgot one item. In some respects it is not a huge deal because they’ll take it back without issue, but it irks me because if I am not going to use it I want it out.

Beside I’d rather have the money in my bank earning interest and not theirs.

Costco has my gratitude for taking back a pair of wireless earbuds I purchased a couple of months ago.

I liked them very much until they stopped working.

Picked up a different pair there today that are supposed to be water resistant and good for working out.

Tested them out at the gym today and was mostly happy, would have been happier if I could actually see the tiny buttons for power and volume without using reading glasses.

I made it work, but it was harder than necessary and since I don’t need reading glasses all the time it is even more irritating.

Got to run now, got a couple of ideas to look into.

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