Maybe In Another Life

I heard it call out to me, those first few lines, “Maybe in another life I could find you there” and then I remember something else, “I’ll never forgive you for not finding me sooner.”

One is a song lyric and the other a comment but I hear them just the same.

Maybe there is truth in the Girl From North Country and maybe there isn’t. I am just a man passing through places and spaces, doing my best to be aware of the ordinary so that I know when the extraordinary happens.

Cuz you know sometimes someone asks you to come to Boston and it doesn’t happen as you think or expect and the years pass by cuz the old man who some call father never stops the sands from trickling through his hour glass.

I hear some make like the king and go running through the rain searching for the echoes of the past but not me.

No sir, I learned long ago to look at the echoes behind me to identify the pings to follow after in the future.


Bottle Your Time

Got a reading from the great Pasqualina about the future and heard there would be doors opening and closing and to remember that two is greater than one.

She said open your hand, extend it and then keep your palm open so that one may take it.

I said Pasqie, I need two hands to do what I do.

“Foolish boy, you make jokes about things you should not joke about.”

“You talk circles when you are dealing with trapezoids and a rhombus”

She rolled her eyes, clicked her tongue and chastised me again.

“Bottle your time or face the consequences.”

I should have listened harder and believed better.

Should have opened my eyes and my heart to have seen what was right in front of me, but fear and uncertainty blinded me so the bottled time was broken and it all leaked away.”

Life beat me for my being insouciant and believing I could beat it but it didn’t knock the spirit out of me.

It just took my hair and most of my youth but it gave me experience and now it has become gentle on my mind.

Like the Marmalade say reflections of my life are all around me and now I do my best to bottle my time because I do not know what remains or does not.

There are those who I wish would become close again and those who will never be given the chance to soil the sheets again.

So I hold out my hand ready to clasp some and ignore others.

What Do You See?


With some time and effort you could make this into a modern greased lightning.

Won’t happen in movie time or be as simple as clicking your heels but with a minimal commitment to making the effort to buff out the potential it could happen in less time than you might think.

Somewhere around the time two strangers listen to Faithfully and do more than get lost in recriminations and thoughts about what was.

I’d write more but I am lost on the New Jersey turnpike looking for America.

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