I Won’t Marry You & Other Stories I Am Not Supposed To Tell

If you want to raise some hell and create chaos tell a few key people that you have kissed and or slept with 33.54% of the people you are Facebook friends with.

When they scrunch up their face and give you a funny look ask them if it’s because they don’t understand basic math and then tell them you’ll give them 1/3 of a guess to figure out who you are talking about.

That ought to make them happy because you’ll have hit them with decimals, fractions and mishegoss.

Eventually you’ll tell them to read about allusions to health, wealth and other things in a blog post that was rated -3 out of 109.

When they ask you what is wrong with you tell them your father died, you benched almost 300 without a spotter and how you jumped down half a flight of stairs because your shoelace got caught and you otherwise would have fallen down them.

Tell them that you got attacked the last two days and refuse to provide a description other than dad said to hold the gate and protect everyone regardless of what it takes.

I Won’t Marry You & Other Stories I Am Not Supposed To Tell

Cue a bunch of songs that people click on to try and figure out what might be going on inside your head.

Ask yourself if you go hear a Holocaust survivor speak because those that have first hand experience are almost gone and it would be good for your kids to hear it.

Or do you take a different tack and focus upon other areas because the two day battle may spill into three.

Allow anger and frustration to run free and unfettered for a bit or stuff it all down and just handle what comes.


I have told people I won’t marry them and been told by others they wouldn’t marry me. Since you have no context you haven’t any way to determine whether such statements are meaningful.

If I said some ought to submit to be dominated you wouldn’t know if that was a good or bad thing any more than you could tell anything about the first statement.

More than a couple of people have tried to tell me about life in ways that have made me wonder if they are as obtuse and dumb as they appear.

The funny thing about it is they are convinced that part of how to determine what is going on with me is to see if I respond or react to certain things.

It is funny because while I am famous for being willing to argue/debate for hours I am probably better known for my silence.

There comes a point at which I am done and I won’t engage because I don’t care anymore. That has been happening with greater frequency.

There is too little time to be involved with emotional vampires, fools and other residents of lollipop land.

If you love me than you ought to act like it and if you don’t well that is perfectly fine too.

No need to bother with those that are ambivalent or hate me, that is obvious.

Final Words

You either dance in the fire and roll with the madness or find other companions to walk with. That is just how it is.

I am not as giddy as others about Manafort and Cohen. It is hard to envision this not being a serious blow to Trump but thus far his base doesn’t care what he does, it is all excusable in their eyes.

And the GOP has flat out refused to take action.

If things continue down this road it is impossible to believe this will continue, but it is hard not to believe they won’t because we have seen no signs of their being responsible.

Truth is it is a sad time in America and we have to hope we’ll be smart enough to collectively pull our dumb asses out of it.

It is a mad, mad, mad world sometimes, but there is reason to hope.

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