Who Can You Trust?

The music plays and I hear a message I have repeated more than once in a million different ways but perhaps never as direct as I could.

Sometimes I close my eyes, go inward and ask why I haven’t done so and always I hear a rumble from the depths and see eyes staring back at mine.

It is not negative, angry or sad.

It is a not now and always I shrug my shoulders and say ok, maybe another time.

Still those words, those lyrics play and I wonder how it is I can be so patient about it when it is not my nature.

Still I lean towards the guidance of the old Jedi master and think about some accomplishments past and present.

Big things that came when I didn’t allow myself to think or wonder, I just went and did it. Success followed each time.

Masters Of Craft

I never saw Prince in concert primarily because there were only a half dozen songs or so of his that I liked listening to.

If I told you I a couple of years before he died I changed my mind you might ask why. You might say I could listen to or watch Purple Rain and I would say you are right.

And then I would show you this video and tell you how several friends told me he put on a hell of a show.

I’d say I heard he was like Springsteen and that I have great respect and appreciation for true artists. Prince was a prolific songwriter and as you can see in the video a tremendous guitar player.

That energy, skill and craftsmanship intrigue me now. There is beauty in watching experts who love their craft operate and that is enough to get my attention.

It is part of why I have spent time watching Letterman’s new show and Seinfeld’s Coffee In Cars because they talk to artists about how they do what they do and I think there are things I can learn from them.

Things I can use to become a better writer and a better storyteller.

On a side, not related note lately the presentation of these posts seems to be suffering because they don’t seem to render the way I want them to.

That is an issue because if you want your words to be read, heard and understood you need them to be presented in a way that doesn’t create issues.

I haven’t focused on it yet because I just haven’t had the mental bandwidth to deal with them.

Who Do You Trust?

Sometimes I listen to this and remember the magic and awe it brought and smile because it still does.

A few of the old folks I speak with have asked me if my feelings about the current administration has affected my opinion of certain people and I have nodded my head in affirmation.

In concept it bothers me because I like to think I am good about putting politics and religion aside and judging people solely upon their actions.

It bothers me because it feels hypocritical and I know there are things people could find to complain about my own behavior and saying we are only human feels like a bit of a cop out.

But the truth is that I do view some people differently than I once did and I wonder if they were always like that or if we changed.

Maybe it is both.

It is clear to me that though I am more myself than I have ever been that also means I am different than I once was.

Many of the people I once thought of as being close friends are people I hardly speak with now and I am not sure if that is due to natural changes or circumstances.

I suppose there are some I can and always will be able to call should I need help or want to just catch up.

But there are others who have moved onto other pastures and I don’t see myself wandering over to see how they are doing.

I am not making a value judgment, just an observation.

The Sun Rides High Overhead

Time is such a funny thing.

Sometimes you hear music and think about how the sun rides high overhead and smile knowing sunset is just the division between night and day.

And other times the song you hear reminds you that when darkness falls you’ll be faced with proof that what once was no longer is and you have to set out upon your next adventure.

The question is whether you make like Andy Dufresne at the end of Shawshank or maybe it is a little less extravagant.

Ultimately the real trick is to find peace with whatever and however you do it.

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