When You Write What Nobody Reads

When you write what nobody reads you can put links to all sorts of stuff and wonder if people will click to see if there is buried treasure there.

Unless they click they won’t know what sort of suspicious minds are being referred to nor be able to determine what you may or may not be inferring.

Could be hot stuff.

When You Write What Nobody Reads

Time to put on some of the real writing music and share some things here.

We’ll start with the time I imitated President Reagan talking to Gorbachev and said,  “Tear down that wall Shmata Queen, tear it down.”

Decorum says I not speak more about the moment other than to say I consumed a few flavored jelly beans.

My fat lip is no longer quite as fat but it is still cut on the interior.

My old man got released from the hospital today and asked me about it. I told him there is no upside to knowing you can still take a punch and keep moving forward.

He didn’t say much in response, but I felt him nod his head. The best part about the conversation was hearing his voice and knowing he can still take a punch.

Let’s be honest, he got hit harder than I did so he deserves more credit.


There is a mint in Fort Worth that I plan on touring.

A good friend went a couple months back and said it is absolutely worth the time. Did you know that Over half of the nation’s currency order is produced in Fort Worth.

I love that kind of stuff so I am all in.


You can say some of this post is modeled somewhat on this song.

Sometimes I wonder what people like Janis Joplin might have done had they lived longer. Would she or Jimi still be seen in the same light as today or would they be washed up.

Maybe they would be somewhere in between, but I hope they would have continued pushing and creating.

It is easier in some ways to do so in your twenties and then again it is not.

Jack Of All Trades

Sometimes I wonder about quotes and comments about expertise as it applies to artists.

What does it take to earn that adjective and how many deserve to wear that particular crown.

Is it as simple as saying luck, skill and timing?


Maybe not.

Expert ability in constructing grammatically sound sentences and paragraphs isn’t an indicator of expertise to me.

You may be perfect at placing words in a way that works but if you create pieces that pharmaceutical companies fear may replace sleeping pills you might not gain employment or proper notoriety.

I suppose it is on my mind because I described myself as a Jack of All trades to someone.

That isn’t because I know how to do many things but because I have done many. Been pretty successful at several, but there are times when I wonder what the value is.

Where I ask myself if I ought to focus solely upon one and see if I can make more than a simple scratch at it.

Might as well try to make a mighty mark if you are looking to make a mark at all.


Dancing is another one of those things people do where I wonder about expertise.

I know there are specific moves for specific dances where you can determine how well they are done. You can say someone did them flawlessly just as you can say they are horrible.

But the thing about dancing that reminds me of writing is there are people who look awkward and disjointed but who somehow manage to capture our attention.

Not because we think they are awful but because something about awkward and disjointed appears to be beautiful to us.

There is magic there that like charisma can’t be explained in terms other than it just is.

You just have it or you just don’t.

That is part of the joy of people. Sometimes you just have them or you just don’t so you have to take advantage of the time when you do.

Since you never know how or when that changes you ought to focus on being present all the time or so the theory goes.

And since theory can be terribly boring writing about it can lead you to places you might not want to visit. Or so the experts have said to me about this leading to what happens when you write what no one reads.

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  1. Danny Brown April 20, 2018 at 5:46 am

    First, a fantastic mix of videos here, mate – now that’s eclectic! 🙂

    It’s a great point you make about grammar and expertise. When I think of the best storytellers (either ones I’m related to, or have listened to), many of them have been terrible when it comes to “being proper” with regards sentence structure and nouns, pronouns, and all that shite (at least when transferring to the written word).

    Same goes for some of the most brilliant minds I’ve known – not so great academically, but miles ahead in every other aspect.

    Expertise isn’t taught – it’s learnt, and only those who know what they need to learn (versus what others want us to learn) can truly know that.
    And that’s what makes them experts.

    • Joshua Wilner April 20, 2018 at 8:35 pm

      Crazy men have minds that go 945 miles a minute so you end up with a collection of stuff like you see in those videos. Sometimes we get stuck inside boxes that we miss the obvious and it becomes more apparent to me each day. So many reasons not to let ourselves be trapped by linear thinking and recognize sometimes those people who do it ‘improperly’ are a step ahead of the rest of us.

      • Danny Brown April 21, 2018 at 8:17 am

        Exactly, mate. It reminds me of the Pink Floyd song “Shine On Crazy Diamond” – ahead of someone’s time (and yes, the candle burned out on this one), but musically Floyd were better because of Reg. Same goes for creatives, visionaries, etc – everything that is good is because of the mavericks.

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