A Different Sort Of Rocket Man

Elton John is singing Rocket Man and I am smiling, thinking about my own blast off tomorrow morning.

While I won’t be going anywhere as remote as Mars there will be plenty of moments during the drive across five states where it will feel as if I am in my own space ship.

If the drive is anything like the prior two there will be long periods of time where I see few if any other cars interspersed with times when I’ll be jammed in between multiple cars.

As an avid people watcher I’ll find the mix of folks flowing and floating around me to be fascinating.

They’ll be of every color and creed and of all different kinds of economic backgrounds.

In other words, I will be out among the people and my eyes will be wide open searching for new stories to learn/tell and adventures to have.


The Misty Mountains

I am sure there are bigger Tolkien fans than I but that doesn’t preclude the excitement I feel thinking about traveling through the Misty Mountains.

If anything it sends my already active imagination along a million different pathways like the choose your own adventure books of my youth.

The difference between imagination and reality is severe.

The car is filled to the brim with items that didn’t make it onto the moving truck because they were forgotten or needed for things that took place after the move.

Because it was a double move there is a bag containing dirty clothes and another with assorted odds and ends.

I’d like to think  of it as being a bag of magic tricks and extraordinary items but instead it is socks, underwear and shirts.

I suppose if I let them sit long enough they could turn into an extraordinary smell which has no practical value other than to ensure that people stay far away.

Might be good for subway or bus travel, but considering my trusty steed is my 2015 car I’d rather they smell fresh because the only person/monster who might suffer the wrath of the smell is me.


Soon I’ll need to place my head against my pillow and close my eyes so that they stay open during the trek through the desert and any mountains I pass over, under, around or through.

Instead of day dreaming about the drive and adventures to come I’ll focus on getting the rest I need to take on the task of focusing on the drive.

Because while it is highly unlikely I’ll come across any dragons there is a guarantee I’ll drive across miles of road that offer little to no distinguishing features from the hundreds of miles that preceded and followed them.

The sameness of the scenery makes it easy to get lost in thought and to lose focus which is why sleep is so very important.


I want to say and share more than you find here.

There are better and more descriptive words and ways of turning a phrase than I have left for others to ponder.

And though I wish to continue to do more to provide a foundation of thoughts and ideas and have ideas about how to add layers I won’t.

This will remain as a simple snapshot of what 15 minutes of thought let me put on paper.

Maybe you’ll think it significant or maybe you’ll think it silly, either way it doesn’t matter because it is time to rest.

If the next hotel offers WIFI perhaps I’ll share some thoughts about the journey through the desert to the next oasis.

Time will tell.

For now I’ll leave you as a different sort of rocket man.

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